On This Day In Club Penguin History – December 21

By / December 21, 2015

Updates on the 21st of December have happened in 2007 and 2014. In 2007 a new pin was hidden and the Christmas Party began. In 2014 a new tradition at the Merry Walrus event was now available.

The first update in 2007 was a new pin being hidden, the Wreath Pin. It was hidden in the Lodge Attic. The Wreath Pin is the 49th pin overall in and is the third pin to be hidden in the Attic. The other update in 2007 was that year’s Christmas Party beginning. It was the third one. Unlike the 2005 and 2006 Christmas parties, it had more of a formal design.


The free items at the 2007 Christmas Party were the Reindeer Antlers at the Dock, the Santa Hat at the Snow Forts, the Bell at the Plaza for Coins For Change, and the Christmas Scarf at the Ski Village. The Christmas Scarf was released several days into the party, although Club Penguin did accidentally release the scarf for a brief period of time when the party was initially released, however they quickly took it down – but not before some lucky penguins snagged it ahead of schedule. The Santa Hat and Christmas Scarf weren’t new items, but the Reindeer Antlers were. The two items first appeared on Club Penguin at the 2005 Christmas Party and the Santa Hat returned the previous year at the 2006 Christmas Party.

In 2014 there was an update at the Merry Walrus Party. If you found all six blue puffle gems on the island you would be able to adopt a Blue Crystal Puffle, if you were a member, plus all players could collect the Crystal Puffle Earmuffs.


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