Puffles are the pets in Club Penguin. The name was actually created by a Club Penguin Player. Club Penguin asked its players to submit a name for them. They received nearly 3,000 submissions! In May 2011 the design of Puffles was slightly updated. Below are the descriptions of each Puffle and what they look like. Up until May 30, 2013 all Puffles (minus the Rainbow Puffle) cost 800 coins. It was then changed to 400 coins.

Color: Blue

Attitude: Mild-tempered, content, loyal

Favorite toy: Ball

Special features: Loyal, easy to take care of

Other: For nonmembers and members

Color: Pink

Attitude: Active, cheery

Favorite toys: Jump Rope, Trampoline

Special features: Loves to exercise

Other: Members Only

Color: Green

Attitude: Energetic, playful

Favorite toys: Unicyle, Propeller Cap

Special features: Likes to clown around.

Other: Members Only

Color: Black

Attitude: Strong, silent type

Favorite toys: Skateboard

Special features: Sometimes very energetic

Other: Members Only

Color: Purple

Attitude: Usually happy

Favorite toys: Bubble wand, disco ball

Special features: Loves to dance, picky eater

Other: Members Only

Color: Red

Attitude: Adventurous, enthusiastic

Favorite toys: Bowling Pins, Cannon

Special features: Brought by Rockhopper

Other: For nonmembers and members

Color: Yellow

Attitude: Artistic, spontaneous

Favorite toys: Paintbrush, easel

Special features: Very creative, dreamer

Other: Members Only

Color: White

Attitude: Gentle, strong

Favorite toys: Skate

Special features: Breath turns anything to ice

Other: Members Only

Color: Orange

Attitude: Zany, curious

Favorite toys: Box, wagon

Special features: Deep sleeper

Other: Members Only

Color: Brown

Attitude: Super Smart, inventive

Favorite toys: Beakers, rockets

Special features: Afraid of balloons

Other: Members Only

Color: Rainbow

Attitude: Confident, regal, playful

Favorite toys: Cloud

Special features: Strange Rainbow Aura, Purple Sparkle Farts, Flying

Other: Members Only


You can also interact more with Puffles in your igloo. The overhaul of Puffles was in March 2011. Here’s a video of some of the Puffle Interaction:

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