Christmas Party 2007

Club Penguin kept the tradition of a yearly Christmas Party, making it the third one. The theme of this one was “A Classic Christmas”. The free items were the Reindeer Antlers, Santa Hat, and Christmas Scarf.

7 thoughts on “Christmas Party 2007

  1. Hello penguins i am gonna throw a christmas party countdown intill christmas eve!!! So here is party reminder

  2. Day before and night before christmas eve party (reminder)
    Date:december,23rd 2013

    I hope you all penguins can make it and it’s gonna be a huge party merry christmas!!!!

  3. My party will be huge and countdown intill christmas eve so please come And countdown my buddy list is so full i have 467 friends sorry

  4. hello club penguin!!!! on december 24 im gonna have a christmas eve dinner here is a reminder make sure to read it

    Christmas Eve Dinner
    When?:December,24 2013
    Room:Pizza Parlor
    Reason: after we eat i will read you a christmas story
    Story Book:”Twas the Night before Christmas”

    THIS DINNER WILL BE AWESOME WE WILL HAVE A BLAST!! : D I WILL SEE YOU THERE ON CHRISTMAS EVE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and remember to wear fancy dresses and outfits and nice hair or nothing to wear

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