Club Penguin Coins For Change and Merry Walrus Party 2014 Guide

Club Penguin’s first Merry Walrus Party is here! Along with that Coins For Change has come!

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Table of Contents:

Party and Free Items

When you first log on to Club Penguin Merry Walrus will talk to you.

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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Walrus! It’s my name and my catchphrase! Let’s celebrate new traditions this year with Coins For Change!

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Every tradition you complete will send donations to the Coins For Change charity. Click on donation stations around the island to donate more and see the projects!


There are donation stations around the island, such as the Town and Plaza. You can click on them to donate. This year you can donate in 100, 1,000, and 10,000 coin amounts. Also, during this party any items you purchase from the Penguin Style will go towards Coins For Change. So if you buy a item from the clothing catalogue that costs 250 coins, 250 coins will go towards Coins For Change.

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When you donate you will obtain the CFC 2014 Pin.

This party only has tasks ranging from today to December 21st. As of now you can celebrate the first Merry Walrus party with a free hat available to everyone, and you can decorate the tree at the Forest by throwing snowballs at it.

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The tasks for December 19th, 20th, and 21st are not unlocked yet so we don’t know what they are. Each task will have a free item for everyone as well as a free item for members.

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To decorate the tree, head to the Forest and throw snowballs. They will turn into ornaments.

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Once that’s done you can collect your free items.

Also, slightly noteworthy: the Mall is back! It has replaced the Stage.

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Here are the special party emotes:

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My Thoughts

My biggest complaint is that I wish Club Penguin decorated more rooms, especially for one of the biggest parties of the year. At past holiday parties Club Penguin decorated the entire island! This year they only decorated a few rooms. Heck, even the Cove wasn’t decorated. I would honestly prefer reused room decorations over no decorations at all. Plus past years had interaction, such as Santa’s Sleigh or the train ride. This year there is none of that. There’s no Ski Lodge decorations to get your photo taken with Santa (or this year, Merry Walrus) or anything like that. That aside though, the decorations we do have are great and the Merry Walrus storyline is fun. Happy Holidays and Merry Walrus everyone!

I will end my post with this final statement: this year’s Merry Walrus Party has less rooms decorated than the 2006 Christmas Party, which didn’t even have Coins For Change. This year there are 11 decorated rooms, 12 if you count the parade. The 2006 Christmas Party had 13 decorated rooms.

What are your thoughts on the party?

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42 thoughts on “Club Penguin Coins For Change and Merry Walrus Party 2014 Guide

  1. I agree with your thoughts. I was really looking forward to the decorations for this party and for the most part, they were a bit of a let down. Plus, I really miss seeing the northern lights. They always put me in the holiday spirit. But at least I have the crystal puffle to look forward to! That seems like it’ll be great.

  2. I agree 100% with you Train, CP is now focusing more on their “TV” and “Android” aspects etc than the game it’self. I am very disappointed in this party, where is the christmas spirit? The huge number board counting the amount of coins we donate, Santa’s Sleigh, or even Merry Walrus walking around? NOTHING. I am just horrified by the way CP has changed, I thought maybe Spike Hike would make the game stand back on it’s feet. Turns out to be one of the biggest disappointments ever.

    Here goes another party, wrecked by CP, just how they like it, UGLY. Who knows when this madness will end. Don’t even mention the January party to me, just makes me want to puke. Chris Heatherly wake the heck up man, I am starting to dislike your lack of creativity.

    Have a merry christmas and a happy new year and other parties if you don’t celebrate XMAS!

    • I’m agree with Fred. I’m sure by the way you’re talking, you must be an iDevice user (either iPhone, iPad, or iPod) who already got the app. Dude, if they happen to focus on Android, that’s a good thing. Stop being racist by giving iDevice user everything while giving Android user nothing. Once we only have Puffle Launch WHICH IS DELETED from the Play Store.

      About the party itself, actually why complain? Unless you can do so, then don’t complain. Just enjot it, don’t rant about “Wrecked Party by Disney” unless you WORK at there or ABLE TO CHANGE the party. End of the line.

      • Yeah Primatama, they deleted Puffle Launch just because they made iOS CP App, and “Pirate 53” just because you already have CP App on iPad it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to care about Android users…

  3. WAIT. No, theyre at the Britney Jean. Doing nothing but giving like all their time to their show like that will catapult them to fame (they already had like years ago). Sorry Spike I just injected the truth serum in this blog.

  4. CP is focusing on items and special puffles but they don’t care about rooms’ decorations that just doesn’t make sense I hope they don’t keep on being like this because players will quit CP…

  5. 12 rooms…in 2008 there were 32 rooms decorated..that’s including the Migrator and PSA HQ. Seriously, Club Penguin has over 40 rooms, 12 is nothing!!! It’s REALLY hard to enjoy a party with only 12 rooms to enjoy. 2014 is the most let down year ever. :/

  6. This is just so disappointing. The Christmas Party or Holiday party was the party I always looked forward to. Now I don’t. This is ridiculous by completing changing the name. Club Penguin no longer puts effort into their stuff anymore and this makes me sad.

  7. I wish i could actually get on. My computer isnt working well. The app is glitchin out and sent me back to the stone ages! LITERALLY! It swapped my igloos for a bit to last year during the jurrasic party or whatever! Talk about buggy… overall, this seemslike a let down… most of the parties this year have! I remember actually getting excited and liking room designs and everything was amazing back then! Ive been playing for about 5 years now and i just wosh there was a way for the, to stop being lazy and make ALL the rooms decrotive no matter what the party and make anyone wanna come back to that room and say: hey, this is a nice room! I like it! Instead of saying: meh, could be better… i personally think with all the publicity they are trying to do with apps and shows, they have lost whats really important! THE GAME! They will just continue to add puffles that some have had an idea about for years and say its completly original, they will continue to make larties that have barely any rooms decorated and will probably continue to add useless characters that will stick around for maybe a year or two and then they will move onto something else! Im not gonna quit the game and if you dont agree with me, dont bother respodning to this… i just hope the people over at CP will realize that its not just about the apps and shows and pretty rooms and puffle designs that just kinda make no sense! Example on a puffle that makes no sense: Ghost Puffle! Where did they come from? How are they to be? Atleast we have an explaination on the originals, gold and animal puffles! Rainbow, not so much on where it comes from exactly but we know its from the sky! I just wish they would stop making useless puffles that some have wanted for years that will be around for a year and after that noone will have one again! And like i said, if you dont like what im saying and dont agree, dont bither responding. Oh and Train, if you do read all of this, and if you agree with what i am saying, post this, or dont! Its your decision as the blogger! Until then!

    ~Rajclaw 2014

    P.S. I like puffle hats.

  8. Train, one of the traditions will be collecting frost shards I know it because there’s a bug in Android CP App that shows some frost shards but you cannot collect them…

  9. I’m just really disappointed because all they did was change the old decorations to blue which looks worse… and the sky is blue instead of the pretty aurora dark sky! That I miss a lot. And plus there’s no Rockhopper or migrator. There’s no special thing at the snow forts (except that useless sled) like the bakery and the train station! I really thought CP would bring back the trains this year because everyone liked them so much, but of course they didn’t! I’m just expressing my thoughts, this truly is the worst Christmas party ever :( Every single one has been great and pleasing, until now!

  10. Yeah! Another bad party! If we compare it to the last Holiday Parties, this one is bad, though, alone doesn’t look that bad. I miss the cookie factory and the toy shop at the clothes shop, even If you can’t race as a car, it was awesome. And I didn’t mention they don’t included nighttime, and that’s a big error, no one celebrates Christmas (or anything) during the day, we even celebrate it in summer (I’m from the Southern Hemisphere), but in the night.
    Even If they had done a copy of last year’s party I would be happy. And I know this is to celebrate different traditions around the world but, a little more Christmas related wouldn’t be bad (like the Santa’s Sled).
    Did I mention it looks odd without the nighttime?

    Oh dear, what can I do?
    CP is going down and I’m feeling blue.
    Tell me, oh what can I do?

  11. It didn’t surprise me, they are losing their creativity. I thought this was going to be one of the best parties, but I was wrong.

  12. Train here’s what my problems with this party are, along with what I like about it. Although I understand that CP hasn’t gotten all the rooms on the App yet, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to decorate the ones that aren’t on there yet. Although some of the rooms were recycled, that wasn’t a big issue for me. It was the fact that some of the rooms they decorated were barely decorated. For example, the snow forts just have a sleigh and that’s pretty much it, which is disappointing. Another thing I would like CP to do is not fully base the structure of a party room on just whats already there. The Coffee Shop, for example, should have like a full makeover, like in the Holiday Party 2010. I also agree that there needed to be interactive stuff like the Sleigh. It’s disappointing to see that there was sort of a lack of thought into that. I like the new decorations, especially the beach, but my pet peeve with this party is that there IS NO NORTHERN LIGHTS/DARKNESS IN THE SKY!!!!! THAT’S WHAT PUTS US IN THE CHRISTMAS MOOD!!!!!! It’s not that hard to bring that back. Also, there was no party catalog which really disappointed me. I like buying stuff like that for the holidays. Lastly, there ARE NOT THAT MANY ITEMS AND IT SEEMS THE QUEST ENDS AT THE 21ST!!!! What’s with that? I don’t want to offend people at CP but I think that their thought process is like most people doing like homework or something, “How can I get this to just be acceptable enough,” because even last year CP went all out. I like the Merry Walrus idea of the party, but they don’t need to completely take away the christmas feeling of CP. This is my favorite party every year and I was looking forward to it. Sadly, it came to disappoint.

  13. Why we need to call it Merry Walrus Party, instead of Holiday Party? We can still call it Holiday Party, even the party was featuring Merry Walrus. I’m playing CP since 2012, and I think the Holiday Party 2012 was the best party EVER! Maybe there is more best parties than that, but I think it was still the best. But now, it’s being destroyed slowly by CP. 2014, is the worst year in CP history… for me.

  14. Comparing it to past Holiday Parties, everybody expects major improvements, but instead of evolutionating, they’re desvolutionating. I am COMPLETELY disappointed at this years Holiday Party. It’s sad to see another WONDERFUL party with a WONDERFUL reputation be destroyed completely, although it wasn’t the first time. First the Medieval Party transforming it into a Fairy Tale Party (or as I call it, the Shrek Take-ogre), then the Music Jam 2014 transforming it into NOTHING musical but a “Vacation Party” and finally, the Merry Walrus Party transforming it into an undefined holiday. Worst of all, I am disappointed how they removed the nothern lights, nighttime in CP. That’s something many people really appreciated of parties; the change in time.

    In 2008, even the PSA HQ and Underground rooms were decorated! In 2014, even the Cove isn’t decorated! CP needs an attraction to make a party unforgettable; not ridiculous and short quests that are easy to finish in minutes (I’ll exclude the Halloween Party 2014). I expected the CP Island to be decorated with every other holiday plus the new holiday they invented (Merry Walrus), some sort of quest or expedition to set sail for Merry Walrus Island, explore the new island, and save Merry Walrus like in the TV Special. In the end, it’s just an undefined party. Ironically, this party was held to celebrate all holidays, but it involves more Christmas instead of Hanukkah or Kwaanza, while during the Christmas Parties 2006-2008, they involved many of those holidays.

    *clap* *clap* I am no longer excited to look forward to parties in 2015, starting off with a Star Wars Takeover…at first, YAY! But then realizing it’s not the original trilogy but it’s based of the TV Show (Star Wars Rebels) instead, UGH!

    Well done CP. You’ve ended a bad year with such a bad party (not as bad as the Music Jam 2014 tho…)

  15. I was REALLY waiting for the Xmas party; I had enjoyed since 2009 but this one…. It doesn´t feel like Christmas…. Sure everything has there pros and cons but see it like this:

    -Inovation with the Merry Walrus story
    -Coins for change
    -Meetups with the Merry Walrus

    -Slightly decorated the island
    -Poor compared with the other parties
    -NO night time ( That´s important to me)
    -Only 4 days until you unlock everything
    -Santa’s Sleigh is gone and the train ride too
    -No Photo with santa thing…

    I mean if they will do a party such as Christmas, They have to put some effort on it.

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