Club Penguin Memories Weekly Post & News Roundup

Hi everybody. Some of you might remember me posting a “weekly post roundup” post a few weeks ago. It was meant to be a weekly thing but due to me having limited internet access at that time due to moving I wasn’t able to do it on September 4th or 11th. Now that everything is good to go at my new home I will be posting a weekly post roundup everyday Sunday. I will also post any website updates in it. Here’s everything from September 11th – September 18th 2011, plus news:


I finished getting Club Penguin Memories completely back up to date! It was a little outdated since I didn’t have time due to moving. I think I’ve worked out a schedule to get everything to work great between school and the internet now. Anyway, within the next week or two I will be working on some idea prototypes I have for Club Penguin Memories. It mainly focuses on an update navbar and accessing my other websites quickly. Once I finish coding everything I will have some links for you to visit and you can vote in a poll to let me know if you like the new design or prefer it how it currently is.

In the sidebar I changed my Twitter Follow Button () to something new that looks like this:

Let me know if you like this new widget by voting in the poll:

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Within the next week I’ll start doing more “On This Day In Club Penguin History” posts too. I haven’t forgotten! Tomorrow (Monday) I’ll be posting my theories about the Fall Fair. Other than that, there isn’t any other news at this time.

Here are all the posts from the past week. Click the title to view that post.

Club Penguin Updates:

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2011 Fair Login Screen
Club Penguin Times Issue 308
Fairy Fables Returns To The Stage
2011 Fair Party Preparations
Rockhopper Coming

Club Penguin Blog Posts:

Reviewed By You: Puffle Tricks
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Club Penguin Fair 2011 Sneak Peek Video


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Puffle Launch Gameplay & Review
Series 12 Treasure Book Coming Soon
Unfixed Club Penguin Bugs
Club Penguin Fair 2011 Exclusives
Club Penguin Is Preparing For The Sixth Year Anniversary Party
New Sports Catalog Coming Soon
Aunt Arctic Is Coming Sometime Soon

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