Club Penguin Fair 2011 Exclusives

While it’s mainly stuff we already know, I have found some stuff pointing to The Fair in Club Penguin’s files. The outside of The Circus and the Great Puffle Circus will both be making a return. These are the only known special party rooms.

From what I’ve seen in the files it looks like there will be no new Fair games, sadly. It’ll probably be the usual seven or eight – Puffle Shuffle, Puffle Paddle, Feed A Puffle, Grab & Spin, Memory Card Game, Ring The Bell, Puffle Soaker, and Balloon Pop.

Rockhopper also has some new messages for him to say for the Fair, such as going to the Great Puffle Circus or the Stadium.

I have also found a few more free items for this party than what I had originally posted. Tomorrow (Monday) I will be posting an updated list with all my other theories.

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