Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Coming Sometime Soon!

While I do not know the occasion, I was looking through Club Penguin’s files and saw an unreleased item listed – the Aunt Arctic Giveaway Background. Why would this be in Club Penguin’s files? The only reason would be she will be visiting Club Penguin in the near future. But when? I’m going to guess November or December, although it’s just a guess. When do you think she will be visiting the island?

When she visits be sure to use my Aunt Arctic Tracker!

5 thoughts on “Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Coming Sometime Soon!

  1. Hey I TOLD you shes coming in December for the Holiday Party! It’s every 2 years she vists in December! P.S. I will be sending you an email about Rockhoppers Dialog for the Fair 2011….I went through their files.. ;)

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