Club Penguin New Sports Catalog Coming Soon

While I don’t know when, by the looks of it there will be a new Sports Catalog released sometime soon based on this unreleased item’s name. There will be a background called the Step Right Up Background. If you reflect on the name it’ll probably be a baseball background.

This catalog will be released within the next month or two, or maybe even on September 29th even though it seems a little unlikely. What do you think? It *could* be a Fair background too, based on the name. Which do you think it is?

5 thoughts on “Club Penguin New Sports Catalog Coming Soon

  1. It has to come 29th day! Last year it came on September.. Atleast it has to come on October! November is too late.

    ps: jesus, why is e-mail required? its annoiyng to write it all the time, cus mine is so long..

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