Club Penguin Series 14 Treasure Book Coming Soon

While I usually only upload pictures of Club Penguin Merchandise, something caught my eye and made me realize sometime – two images of Series 14 Club Penguin Plush Toys have surfaced the other day. They are the Swashbuckler and Phoenix Queen.

According to Club Penguin Blogger Saraapril the other plush characters in this series might be the Pizza Chef, Klutzy, Rockhopper, and a Soccer Penguin. (all repeats, the Swashbuckler and Phoenix Queen are the only known brand new first time ones) Anyway, the thing is there is not yet a Series 14 Treasure Book on Club Penguin. I do know Club Penguin is getting ready for it though, as a few weeks ago I was looking in Club Penguin’s files and saw some hints to some of the upcoming Treasure Book items, most likely Series 14. You can see that post here if you’re interested in the item names. So what do you think? Will the Series 14 Treasure Book be coming soon? I hope so!

13 thoughts on “Club Penguin Series 14 Treasure Book Coming Soon

  1. I saw the Treasure Book 14! According to my calculations, it is going to be the last Treasure Book. It is a secret Book in witch case I have no proof if it is real or just N/A. I’ve used it before but it only has a few items to unlock. 1 of them witch I can remember is a hairdo for boys. It is called ‘The Awesome Roll’. I remember some more witch is called ‘The Party Rocker’ and ‘The Beach Boys’, I have forgot what they are but I can remember the names. I can give you a working code for Series 14 if you give me a code to unlock from Series 7. I’m Justin78596 out!

  2. Easy its not a secret you actually buy a clubpenguin toy then you will see a gold coin code type that in unlockitems then you have it the treasure book (You Can only get two items)

  3. I have the phonix ahah :D got it today but the book dosnt come out untill freakin oct. 6 so i have to wait three days :T

    • How do you know it comes out then? Does it say so when you go to redeem the code? If it does, could you show me a picture? :)

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