Mildly Interesting Monday: Megg Is Tweeting Again

Back in October of 2014 Club Penguin Team members such as Megg and Polo Field seemingly abandoned their Twitter accounts in favour of tweeting from the official Club Penguin account. It seems like they have *kind of* changed their mind though.

Club Penguin Community Survey 2015

If you’re 13 or older, you can take a survey about Club Penguin that Polo Field made. If you’re under 13, you have to give Club Penguin your feedback via the blog comments instead. The survey has to do with your opinions about certain things in Club Penguin.

Ninja Has Deleted His Twitter Account

First he stopped tweeting like Megg, Polo Field, Daffodaily, Lilac Ren, and Chattabox, and now he’s taken things a step further. Sometime within the past few days Ninja from the Club Penguin Team deleted his Twitter account.

Is Polo Field Returning To Twitter Sometime Soon?

It has been nearly two months since the Club Penguin Team shut down their Twitter accounts in favour tweeting from the official @ClubPenguin Twitter account. Is it possible Polo Field may be returning to his own Twitter account sometime soon? He has not tweeted anything else since closing down the account, however he has retweeted…

Is Disney Now Enforcing Even Stricter Social Media Rules For Club Penguin?

Up until early March in 2013 Polo Field was much more active on Twitter. Not only would he follow penguins back but he would also reply to them when he had time. Since then Disney has employed many social media rules restricting contact outside of Club Penguin, and it seems that the big D has…


Club Penguin December 2013 Penguin Style Sneak Peek

Polo Field has posted a sneak peek of the December 2013 Penguin Style cover on his Google+ account! He posted it along with a caption saying he is working on the first episode of Club Penguin’s upcoming video series “The Spoiler Alert”, which will likely be out next Monday, December 2nd. This is the image: Here…