Club Penguin Is Retiring Their French Twitter Account

First individual Club Penguin employees shut down their Twitter accounts, and now the official French Club Penguin Twitter account is closing down too!

In a tweet posted today (translated) they said “Official announcement from the French Club Penguin Team: This twitter account is suspended”, aka closed.

Why they are closing down the main French Club Penguin account is unknown. Maybe the official Russian Twitter account is soon to follow?


5 thoughts on “Club Penguin Is Retiring Their French Twitter Account

  1. Maybe and this is my Theory is that Club Penguin is building a “Twitter” but then on CP and the CP app, so the latest news will be there instead of Twitter and that they are working on something so they can type English but when pressing “Send or Publish” that it AUTO-maticly translates into tons of CP languaqes? :)

  2. I think that’s ok, look, Megg’s Twitter account was useless, all she posted there were fanarts and hashtags (#MeggNificient xD) Polo Field wasn’t even online and Ninja just disappeared….

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