Is Disney Now Enforcing Even Stricter Social Media Rules For Club Penguin?

Up until early March in 2013 Polo Field was much more active on Twitter. Not only would he follow penguins back but he would also reply to them when he had time. Since then Disney has employed many social media rules restricting contact outside of Club Penguin, and it seems that the big D has struck again.

As a refresher, I suggest you read this post from last year to see what originally happened when Disney began to cut off the team’s interacting through Twitter. You can also read the second post and this post I made on the topic.

Now, fast forward to the beginning of the month. Ever since late August/early September both Polo Field and Megg are tweeting a lot less. Usually the two would put out at least 5 or 6 tweets per week minimum. In the past 30 days (August 30th – today) there have been 30 tweets from Polo Field. 0 of them were replies to penguins. The month before that (July 29th – August 29th) he made just over 100 tweets with a fair amount of replies to other penguins. Megg on the other hand has only made five tweets in the past month. The month before that she made 36. Both Polo Field and Megg are definitely still on Twitter often though, as if you look at their favourites you will see a consistent stream of favourited tweets from penguins throughout the month.

I am mainly focusing on Polo Field and Megg since they are the most active Twitter users, however I will take into account the other Club Penguin staff members on Twitter:

  • Ninja does not tweet much aside from blog auto-tweets, however he made no tweets of his own since the end of August
  • Daffodaily5 has not tweeted since July 21st
  • Chattabox still tweets about her weekly meetups
  • Spike Hike does go on Twitter roughly once every week or two to post fan art and whatever new video(s) Club Penguin has made. He says he is on Twitter less due to #ProjectSuperSecret, whatever that is
  • Shortly after Lilac Ren created a Twitter account last month she closed it down, right around the same time Megg and Polo Field suddenly began tweeting less

The fact that almost everyone from Club Penguin is tweeting less on their Twitter accounts really leads me to believe that Disney is enacting even more rules to govern how employees use social media relating to Club Penguin. Remember Polo Field’s blog? He just closed again… (Thanks Riyita)

Last July I did ask Spike Hike why there are rules on why Club Penguin cannot reply to users through Twitter yet he can follow a few players and he said it has to do with COPPA, aka┬áthe Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Websites like Twitter, YouTube, etc require you to be 13 or older to join their websites, but of course not everyone follows that rule. I don’t know all the specifics but I think it’s just some legal thing Disney has to do or else the company can get fined. I know it’s there for a reason, but what does limiting how much Polo Field, Megg, and others can tweet do? I’m all for internet safety and keeping children and teens safe online but if Disney really is governing just simple tweeting now, that’s really dumb.

As always, if you want to interact with Club Penguin you can do so on Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube, Polo Field’s Blog on Club Penguin’s blog, in game, or by sending them an email.

24 thoughts on “Is Disney Now Enforcing Even Stricter Social Media Rules For Club Penguin?

  1. Darn big corporations ruin EVERYTHING! Also, there are a lot of things going on right now that have to do with some super secret project. I wonder if it ‘s a coincidence!

    • I wouldn’t call COPPA ridiculous. Maybe to kids/teens it’s a bit over the top but it’s there for a reason. It’s just in today’s day and age kids are using the internet at such a young age so if course they don’t want to wait until they’re 13 to join websites.

    • Not really, Disney has not screwed up Club Penguin, Disney has done a lot of things for Club Penguin when Disney bought it. If they don’t want to tweet stuffs anymore, there is a reason: Young kids. They don’t want to wait until they are 13 to join Twitter, as Trainman said. Polo Field has explained why he did unfollow everyone last year, of course it’s because of kids. Kids lie about their ages, this is the only problem.

  2. Well I just found out that if you are lucky you might get to see Polo Field on CP Wiki chat. (sorry if this sounds like a add but I just had to point it out)

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