On This Day In Club Penguin History – December 15

By / December 15, 2014

There have been many updates on the 15th of December in Club Penguin history! 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, and most recently 2011 all had updates. Let’s break it down year by year, shall we?


In 2005 there were two updates. There was a new furniture catalogue released for that month which contained only a few new items. There was also a new game added, one that has mostly remain untouched since. That game is Puffle Roundup. Because Puffles were spotted on Club Penguin they had to be rounded up so they could be sold at the Pet Shop! Back then Puffle Roundup was located at the Snow Forts rather than the Pet Shop since it was not yet built or open.


Just like 2005, there was a new furniture catalogue. It features holiday items such as the Christmas Tree, Christmas Lights, and Christmas Wreath. There was also a new igloo catalogue featuring the Snow Globe Igloo for the first time ever. Back then igloos didn’t have backgrounds!


The final update on this day in 2006 Thin Ice was released in the Dance Lounge. Aside from adding stamps and making the first 10 levels only for non-members back in 2010, the game has relatively remained untouched. Some websites say the game was released the 19th of December while others say 15th of December. Honestly I’m not 100% sure, but oh well, close enough. :P


Nothing too big happened in 2008 – that year’s Christmas Party was going to start in a few days so boxes filled with decorations were added to the Town, Ski Village, and Cove.


The 27th field op mission was released. It was located at the Ski Village behind the Tour Guide booth. The mini-game was to break the code by scanning symbols to find the correct combination.


There were a lot of updates in 2011. Coins For Change and the Holiday Party started! This was Club Penguin’s fifth annual Coins For Change and their seventh overall Christmas/Holiday Party. Rockhopper showed up, giving out the Globe Hat for free in his Rare Items Catalogue. Everyone could also buy a Coins For Change background for 60 coins. Members could buy three shirts (Build Safe Places, Protect The Earth, and Provide Medical Help) for 100 coins each. Members could also purchase a Coins For Change Beanbag Chair that costs 200 coins. There were also two hidden items in the catalogue, both furniture. You could click on the Build Safe Places T-Shirt for the Coins For Change Banner furniture item (100 coins) and click on the word “rare” in the Rockhopper’s Rare Items title for the Coins For Change Paper Chain furniture item, which costs 75 coins.

At the Holiday Party there was an Advent Calendar with one item per day you could get. They ranged from clothing to pins to backgrounds. Members could also go on Santa’s Sleigh for some items. Members could also get the Cookie Serving Apron and Deluxe Gingerbread House Igloo from the special Bakery room. Everyone could get the Santa Seat Background from the Book Room. As for Coins For Change, you could donate 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000, or 10,000 coins to build safe places, protecting the earth, and providing medical help. Anyone who donated would get the Coins For Change 2011 Pin. Those who donate 10,000 coins would unlock the Epic Volunteer stamp for their penguin, which was a new stamp freshly added.

Sorry it's watermarked
Sorry it’s watermarked

In addition, a brand new stage play was released. The play was A Humbug Holiday, which is also at Stage on Club Penguin right now. The 60th field op was released too, located at the bottom centre of the Ice Rink Stadium. The game was to crack the lock by listening to the tempo of the lock then repeating it – a challenging task!

Also, the Reindeer Pin was hidden, located at the Pizza Parlour on the oven to the left. (this was with the old Pizza Parlour design)

Minor updates include the postcard catalogue being updated with new Holiday Postcards (Let It Snow, Season’s Greetings, Thanks for my gift!, Happy Holidays, Give a Gift!, and Coins for Change), the Coins For Change and Holiday Party login screens for that year being updated a little bit, and Herbert wearing a Santa Hat in the EPF Command Room on the Herbert Cam.

Coming to a close, the igloo and furniture catalogues were also updated. The Snow Globe Igloo (3,700 coins) and Log Cabin Igloo (4,100 coins) were returned. As for the furniture catalogue, there was a new selection of Holiday themed items, some new and some old. Some of the new holiday furniture items for 2011 were the Gumdrop Tree, Gingerbread Man, and Jujubes.


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