Christmas Party 2008

This was Club Penguin’s fourth Christmas Party. It was similar to the 2006 Christmas Party. In addition to some new decorations, such as the Migrator, many a few were old. The free items were the Santa Beard and Santa Hat, as well as the Bell from Coins For Change. There was also three books added to the Book Room for this party.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Party 2008

  1. attention club penguin i am throwing a biggiest christmas party ever! here is the reminder if you want to come post a comment and make sure to record

    Christmas Party
    When:December,23rd 2013
    Time 11:00am pst-9:00 ET
    Reason?:TO HAVE FUN

  2. hello club penguin it’s 5 months intill december!! (Woooo!!!) Are you penguins are excited i am so on december 24th on christmas eve night i will have a christmas eve dinner before santa to come i wanted you all penguins to come its my first dinner ever so you need to wear fancy dresses and
    tux and hair so here is the reminder

    Christmas Eve Dinner
    Date:December 24th 2013
    Room:pizza parlo
    After Dinner: story time
    Christmas story:twas the night before christmas
    Ok i will read the story at 5:16pmPst i will see you on christmas eve night btw my pengui name is snowball and plz make the r

  3. Hello club penguin on december 19 for the holiday party 2013 i will have a Dance performance it will be awesome i can’t wait for the holiday party 2013 on december 19 and here is the reminder

    Snowball0089 Dance performance
    When:december 19, 2013
    Server:Ice Cold
    Room:The stage
    song1:shake santa shake
    Song2:jingle bell rock
    Song3:12 days of christmas
    Song4:up on the house top
    Please come it will be AWESOME there is no booing please please come early at 3:30pmPst before the show starts when i get there. I will see you on december 19!

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