EPF Command Room

The EPF Command Room was originally for people who bought the Nintendo DS game “Elite Penguin Force” and entered the code. After the PSA was removed from Club Penguin after being destroyed in early 2010 by Herbert P. Bear, it was replaced with the Elite Penguin Force (EPF) and the room was transformed into a room where you can receive weekly Field Op Missions. In November 2012 it was destroyed by Herbert P. Bear. Due to being destroyed by Herbert, construction started on February 28, 2013.

12 thoughts on “EPF Command Room

  1. hey guys if you dont know how to complete the veggie villan mission heres how to do it.
    1.talk to G in the PSA HQ. He will tell you herbert left some corn seeds in your last mission.
    2.go to the gift shop and talk to rookie and let-pack-guy.
    3.pick up the corn seeds in the gift shop and you will get a message from g wich will dissconect.
    4.after the phone dissconects the phone dosn’t cant teleport you so you have to walk back to HQ.on your way in the ski village you will see a big tv screen and some penguins.you dont have to talk to them.
    5.in the HQ on the screen and herbert will appear.He will say he has taken over the psa technoligy.
    6.after the screen turns off go to the ski village and the tv screen will be on with herbert telling the penguins sitting their his story.
    7.rookie will say that their should be a movie disc somewhere.
    8.go to the lighthouse and get the movie disc and spray.
    9.use the spray to clean the disc.
    10.go to the ski village and put the disc in the dvd player.
    11.even though you put the disc in you can still here herbert.
    12.click the volume button on the dvd player but it will break.
    to be continued………………………

  2. I bought all three Club Penguin games, Game day, herberts revenge, and elite penguin force, and the codes were brand new, and it said they were incorrect >.> but the game day code worked.

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