Club Penguin BTH Video: Party Rooms (Earth Day Party 2012 Sneak Peek + MEDIEVAL PROTOBOT?)

Wow is there a lot to cover with Club Penguin’s latest video! This one is another behind the scenes video. They talk about the party rooms and gives us a sneak peek over the Earth Day Party, out in just under two days, and even the Medieval Party! Below are some highlights. I’ve also got a theory about Protobot below. It’s worth checking out.

The party room creation process is as follows:

  • Collaborate on ideas
  • Sketch the rooms (aren’t they talented?)
  • Colour them in
  • Release it in game

Here’s the Snow Forts for the Earth Day Party. (WOW?!)

Another pic of it being worked on:

Close ups:

As I previously mentioned a month ago, there would be a Lion Costume and a Rock-hopper Penguin Costume. (you can see that old post here) The Snow Leopard Costume and and African Painted Dog Costume are also returning.

Then the video moves onto next month’s party, the 2012 Medieval Party. Here’s a sketch of one of the rooms. It looks pretty neat!

Then Carmen, the one explaining the design process in the video, stated “A new villain fly into Club Penguin”. As you might recall, Herbert used the Hydras from the 2011 Medieval Party. (check out this post for a full rundown on that if you need a refresher)

Who exactly could this new villain be? Could it someone new? I don’t think so. Personally I think it’s Protobot. Why? As you might recall, a month ago I made a post that Club Penguin added an ID for Protobot. (see this post) They only do it if a mascot will be in game, so what do you think? I guess we’ll find out next month. Disney’s United Kingdom website also mentioned there will be a dragon king.

19 thoughts on “Club Penguin BTH Video: Party Rooms (Earth Day Party 2012 Sneak Peek + MEDIEVAL PROTOBOT?)

  1. Awww, I was hoping the Rockhopper costume would change the beak to a dark orange color, and thats interesting it doesn’t come with the webbed feet either.

  2. Hmm, while your theory seems true, I think it might be that odd Dragon thing. HOWEVER, I also believe the Proto-Bot will be there late in May because in 2010 and 2011 something had happened to the EPF in May, so why not again. But since every year there’s a Medieval Quest and a villain for it, thus, I think it’ll be the Dragon King for everyone to destroy. Now that’s only my theory.

  3. Wait a minute, your theory is wrong, protobot is meetable ikr but this dragon can be our last level in quest 4 and we have to defeat him like we did it last year (we defeated hydra hopers) and club penguin didn’t mention EPF name in the video!

  4. Is that sketching ? They sketch like a pro or a high tech computer programm :D wow they are so talented :D.
    And about the dragon, its for the medieval party hmm, i can’t wait for more clues xd

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