Club Penguin Is Discontinuing In-Store Memberships

At the end of April rumours were swirling around that Club Penguin was discontinuing membership cards in stores. Curious, I emailed the team myself to see whether or not this was true. The verdict? It is indeed true.

Free 7 Day Club Penguin Membership And Two Unlockable Items

The Spanish Club Penguin Team is running a limited time promotion from April 23rd until May 7th in honour of Children’s Day. During this two weeks long promotion you can unlock two exclusive virtual items and a seven day membership.

Club Penguin January 2015 Membership Benefits

December is nearly over so Club Penguin has updated their membership page listing what members can expect next month. The theme of next month on Club Penguin is Star Wars, so as you can guess from that all of the membership benefits will be Star Wars related.

Club Penguin Membership December 2014

Club Penguin Membership Benefits For December 2014

Usually Club Penguin updates their membership page the first Wednesday or Thursday of the month, but for whatever reason they did not do that last week. Not to worry though, as Club Penguin has gone ahead and updated the page to list the extra benefits members will have in game this month.

Club Penguin Membership Deal: Buy One, Gift One

The other day Club Penguin launched a new membership offer, so to promote it they added a new login screen and homepage slide. When they did that they also added a Puffle Wild slide to the homepage.

Club Penguin Membership Deal: 25% Off Plus Bonus Virtual Items and Coins

If you have a Disney Visa Card you can take advantage of a special Club Penguin membership offer until December 31st. With this offer you will get 25% off a one year Club Penguin membership, which brings the price down to $44.96. You will also getĀ over 50 furniture items, two igloos, and 25,000 coins.


Club Penguin Halloween Party 2014 Spoilers On Membership Page

It’s the beginning of the month so as expected Club Penguin has updated their membership page with a preview of what to expect this month. It contains multiple spoilers relating to the Halloween Party, so if you don’t want it spoiled stop reading this post!