Upcoming Club Penguin Party Information: Earth Day, Medieval, + New Party In June?

Here’s some information provided by Disney about the upcoming Earth Day Party, Medieval Party, and a new party?

Earth Day Party 2012: (April 19th – 24th)

This year the Club Penguin community is supporting endangered animals and their habitats! This is all possible because of your generosity in the annual coins for change drive!

Members can collect four endangered animal costumes and role play as scientists, conservationists, and zoologists in the Snow Forts. Earn your Earth Day Stamps by starting a tree mob, meeting Aunt Arctic for the first time, and getting busy at the recycling centre. See you there!

Medieval Party 2012: (May 16th – 30th)

Defeat the Dragon King!

Exciting new party! (June 13th – 27th)

More news coming soon…

With all that said, there is one thing I am unsure about, and that’s the June party. According to the Disney Australia magazine it is going to be the Music Jam. (see this post)

What do you think? Will it be the Music Jam or something else, or even both?

36 thoughts on “Upcoming Club Penguin Party Information: Earth Day, Medieval, + New Party In June?

  1. A new party ? Maybe clubpenguin deciced to have a music jam party in july or august.
    Trainman, did u already found what the free items will be for non-members at the earth day party next week ?

    • Yeah, the free item for non-members will probably be the Safari Helmet ( i wonder how it looks like ).
      Earth day is a “specail” party/event, so maybe Aunt Arctic will have a new background that we can get and wear :)

    • but the music jam original party of the july , but in pást year they resverse , more this year don´t a adventure party , a rockhopper quest in february dà , and probraly a of the best teachter , living,shadows,hambuger , yeah

  2. Trainman, i could be wrong but maybe that orange penguin with the surfboard and the headphones may be a clue for the party, so maybe it could be The olympic games ( i think the olympic games in london starts in june or the end of may ( i don’t know ) OR it could be Card ji-itsu snow OR it has sometinge to do with those “mickey mouse” hat items ( u can see the mickey mouse headitem in the “DubStep” video when 2 guys are playing Ping pong ( in the background are hanging huge wallpapers with penguins wearing those mickey mouse hats :)
    So here are my theories :

    – Card Ji-Itsu Snow
    – The Olympic games
    – Celebration of Disney(land)
    – music jam

  3. On the club penguin wiki, it said it would be either a superhero party, the great puffle search of 2012, or the Sport shop construction party. What do you think trainman?

  4. That is just great. I was going to meet Sensei in May, but that is not going to happen. Then I was going to meet the Penguin Band during the Music Jam, and then I would have met all the famous penguins. It looks like my plan is not going to work. Sigh, do you think Sensei and the Penguin Band will come to other parties before September? I wanna meet all the famous penguins before my Penguin is a year old.

  5. Music Jam might be in July and the event in June might be Card-Jitsu Snow, then Arctic White might be in Club Penguin for the ninjas so when there’s blizzards, it’s hard to see the ninjas when they’re in white.

    From Your Friend
    ~Perapin :)

  6. I think a surf party cause the orange penguins got a snowboard in his flipper. Or a surf party and music jam combined cause the penguins also got headphones on.

  7. i have never been to a medevil party before i hope it is as good as my friends told me it would be um well can ou put more cooler cheets on this website other then that you have a cool website

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