Gary To Be At Club Penguin Medieval Party 2012

In addition to my regular list of returning and unreleased items¬†for next month, there is one that I did not include there at it is important and I don’t want you to overlook it – Gary will be at the Medieval Party next month! While I do not know what his background looks like, he will have a new free one called the Gary Medieval Giveaway Background. This obviously means he will be visiting next month. This will be his first Medieval Party.

17 thoughts on “Gary To Be At Club Penguin Medieval Party 2012

  1. Whatta… im surprised! Gary at Medieval Party? Wow. I would never been expect that.

    But anyways its awesome that he has new background and I have chance to get it and add him as my friend…

    Will you post the picture of Gary’s Medieval Giveaway Background when you know it? :)

  2. I knew sooner or later he’d visit during this party, he once said it was his favorite…that and he wore a knight costume (not meetable) at the 2008 one. Trololo

  3. Does anyone remember the first medieval party? Gary was the one who supposedly planned it. And it makes sense, Gary is the nerdy type so why not knights and dragons for him?

    • My opinion about that is, it won’t be a meetable ennemy its just a new dragon that we will have to fight for the medieval party. Mostly a real dragon this time.

  4. Eric703 stole your post Trainman!! We have to get it shut down because of robbers. 1. Chrisdog stole Saraapril’s post
    2. ERIC703 STOLE YOUR POST!!!!

    Walt disney and others are still acceptable :)

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