Club Penguin Memories 2011 Year In Review

Wow, I can’t believe it – one year ago on January 1, 2011, I launched officially released to the world at exactly midnight. (Eastern Standard Time)

I’m going to be completely honest with you – back in late 2010 when first starting to move everything from Piczo to WordPress I didn’t think it was going to be worth it. But boy, I was way wrong. Here’s a few stats:

  • Total views in 2011: 590,932
  • Total posts made in 2011: 1,004

I don’t have exact numbers on how many were added in 2011, but here’s a few other numbers:

  • 16,736 total images uploaded (about 5GB worth)
  • 1,094 pages (I added about 100 this year)

The main thing I noticed over the last year is viewers like you LOVE originality. I try to have a different looking website than other Club Penguin Blogs – theme wise, navigation bar wise, writing wise, heck – even purpose of the website wise. The irony in this is I’m usually not one to be creative. I’m one to joke around, so don’t take this personal or anything – I once said to some people “Club Penguin Blogs are like lyric websites – there’s so many and they all have the same content.” I was joking when I said it, but it’s kind of true – there’s tons of music lyric websites out there with the same song lyrics listed. Then there’s lots of Club Penguin Blogs out there, all posting the updates. There’s nothing wrong with that – everyone likes different blogger’s writing styles, how quick they are at posting, their theme, etc. Don’t take things I say like that to heart. ;-)

Now, back to the 2011 year on Club Penguin Memories. I had quite a busy year writing all those 1,000 posts. I don’t mind writing/typing – in fact all the blogging has helped my writing skills. Back when I took the PSAT (a practice SAT) in the Fall this year I scored the highest on writing. No doubt this has helped.

Posting wise, I’ve broken Club Penguin News numerous times, published exclusives that nobody else has, been first to post when they updated in the afternoon for me, and even interviewed a Club Penguin Staff Member. Here’s my top ten posts that I’ve made in the 2011. The first one is (in my opinion) my best one.

  1. An Interview with Hamustar, a Club Penguin Staff Member – this one is self explanatory. No other Club Penguin Blogger has been able to do this
  2. Club Penguin To Be Launched In German – I was the first one to find out in the Club Penguin Community that it was going to be launched at some point. News about this quickly spread
  3. System Defender Levels 7 & 8 – they have not yet been released to date, but I found out via Club Penguin’s files that there is going to be more levels
  4. Unreleased Game Stamps (and Bits & Bolts!) – I was the first one to break the news that Puffle Launch was going to have stamps and I was the first to post anything about Bits & Bolts. We still have not yet gotten the stamps for that game.
  5. Club Penguin Developing  Mobile Apps – Thanks to Saraapril I found out Club Penguin was making Puffle Launch (and apparently Card-Jitsu, although we haven’t heard any official word on that) for iOS.
  6. Rollerscape to be an official game on Club Penguin – Rollerscape (now Pufflescape) was originally only in the Beta Team, but several months before being released in the actual game I found out it was going to be playable and include stamps
  7. Undercover Club Penguin Moderator Usernames – That’s just some I’ve found
  8. Shadow Ninjas – I wasn’t first to post about them, (Saraapril was first, and I saw her post right after it was published so I did a little searching, got everything, and became second to post) but it was a pretty big story in the Club Penguin Community. Over the next few days I (and others) found other stuff, too
  9. Numerous party exclusives (what to expectpictures, and even stamps for parties and games, etc)
  10. Numerous item exclusives (furniture & clothing)

Here’s to a fantastic 2012 year of blogging!

3 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories 2011 Year In Review

  1. I have a feeling they canned the Bits & Bolts stamps (they really can’t make a whole lot of stamps out of the game anyways).

    But overall, 2011 was an improvement after 2010.

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