Club Penguin To Have Mobile Card-Jitsu App and Disney Channel Shorts!

Several months ago (back in March) I posted some evidence that Club Penguin is working on some mobile items for Club Penguin. The jobs have since been removed, however I found some more proof to back this up. It comes hand in hand with the Card-Jitsu Snow Collector Tin I posted about. Take a look at the bottom of this image, even though it’s hard to read:

At the bottom it says the following:

Look out for more exciting Club Penguin news in the months ahead including:

  • New Card-Jitsu mobile phone app
  • Animated shorts on the Disney Channel and much, much more!

A Card-Jitsu mobile phone app! Do you think it will be for Android and iOS? That was the main focus of the job positions. It would be quite cool, however I wonder how it would work. Maybe it’ll be through Game Center, kind of like how Doodle Jump matches you up with a random person over wifi/3G. I can’t wait!

Not only that, but the animated shorts (Kind of like Shaun the Sheep) seem interesting.

4 thoughts on “Club Penguin To Have Mobile Card-Jitsu App and Disney Channel Shorts!

  1. Actually, dude, Saraapril has a post about some French magizene for CP, and it mentions the Card-Jitsu app will be for i-Pod, and i-Phone, and stuff like that. I didn’t see no Android, though.

  2. I’m just saying I e-mailed Club Penguin asking if there were going to be fireworks for the 4th of July ans they said there not going to be any.

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