Club Penguin Magazine Issue 31

Today the 31st issue of Club Penguin’s magazine was released in the UK. This issue’s theme is the Penguin Cup, which will be next month’s party. In this issue there is a sneak peek of the Mine Shack during the Penguin Prom, so if you’re curious what it’s going to look like be sure to…

Club Penguin Magazine Issue 29

Last Thursday a new Club Penguin Magazine issue was released in the United Kingdom. This is the 29th issue. Bloxxerman has provided me with the table of contents of this month’s issue as well as a sneak peek of next month’s issue, which will be available beginning May 1st.

Club Penguin Magazine Issue 20 Now Available In Brazil

The 20th issue of Club Penguin’s Magazine in Portuguese is now available! It costs $10 just like all the previous issues and can be found wherever it is sold. This month’s issue is all about igloos. It comes with a code to unlock the Hard Hat for your Puffle, an item from the treasure book, and…

Club Penguin Adds New Dinosaur Puffle Merchandise To Online Store

Club Penguin’s online merchandise store through Zazzle launched towards the end of November. The merchandise selection has remained unchanged since then, until now! Along with the release of Dinosaur Puffles the Club Penguin Team has also released a handful of Dinosaur Puffle items. There are 23 in all.

Club Penguin Magazine Issue 24

Last week Club Penguin released their 24th magazine issue in the United Kingdom. What’s odd is this month’s issue is a holiday special and next month’s issue is about Operation Puffle…you’d think it would be the opposite, right?