Club Penguin Magazine Issue 29

Last Thursday a new Club Penguin Magazine issue was released in the United Kingdom. This is the 29th issue. Bloxxerman has provided me with the table of contents of this month’s issue as well as a sneak peek of next month’s issue, which will be available beginning May 1st.

Here is the cover of this month’s issue:


The table of contents in this month’s issue is as follows:

Hey guys! Sorry for being late. Here’s the contents:

  1. iPad Party!
  2. The really wise words of sensei
  3. C.p.t.v!
  4. Fashion 4 u: gaming chic!
  5. The spoiler alert!!!
  6. Penguin comic: we need a hero
  7. Cadence’s catwalk: club tropical
  8. Mini games master!
  9. Penguin challenge: mini game splash!
  10. Penguins uncovered: tourdude
  11. Cool cribs
  12. Competition: games master
  13. Posters
  14. Penguin challenge: puffle mini games
  15. Rookiepedia: T
  16. Penguin challenge: arcade attack
  17. Penguin comic: the age of puffles
  18. Ask aunt arctic
  19. VIP: Ali889
  20. Next issue sneak peek: beware… The villain issue! Free ninja frisbee! Magazine exclusive blast off hat! Treasure book item! 1500 coins for every reader! Issue 30 on sale 1st May 2014!

Here is the page with sneak peeks for next month:


Here is a close up of the Blast Off Hat.


Thanks again Bloxxerman! :)

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