Club Penguin Brazil Magazine Issue 15 – Special New Party Hat and Rookie Coming Next Month?

Club Penguin’s 15th magazine issue is now out in Brazil! This issue is rather special. First off, this one is a Halloween special. Because Rookie’s on the cover, maybe he’ll be coming to the party instead of Gary this year? What do you think? With this magazine you’ll get the Director’s Chair, an item of your choice from the treasure book, and an exclusive item…


…what’s that exclusive item? It’s a special party hat to celebrate five years since Club Penguin was released in Portuguese! That’s a neat way to celebrate. I love the hat’s colours! Its official name is the 5 Year Celebration Hat.Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 10.31.18 PM

Here’s the magazine description: (translated to English)

Trick or Treat? This special edition of Club Penguin celebrates Halloween and 5 years of Club Penguin in Brazil. Solve puzzles, get 1,000 coins and two gifts: 1 item from the Treasure Book and the Director’s Chair for your penguin’s igloo. Plus, to celebrate five years of the CP in Brazil, you also get a special gift: the birthday surprise item. Do not miss out!

Thanks Poke-Neco for the item picture!

86 thoughts on “Club Penguin Brazil Magazine Issue 15 – Special New Party Hat and Rookie Coming Next Month?

  1. I am not posting the code because you’re supposed to buy the magazine in order to get the hat. Any comments containing the code will be edited or deleted.

  2. I sent a email to cp and they said I could order it online!!! :)
    Btw do you even have a code for it? Sorry if I’m being pushy but I’d like to let your fans know if you even have a code! If you do can you show me a link to a picture of it on your penguin?

  3. Ha! I emailed CP if maybe Rookie can come in October and they said it was a good idea! So I am the one who planned this! :P

    • I said I’m not posting it because you’re supposed to buy the magazine in order to get it, so as a result any comment with the code I am editing it out.

  4. I hope this year’s Halloween Party will be all about candy, and I also hope there’ll be a candy hunt! Oh, and I also like Rookie’s Halloween shirt and the 5th Year Party Hat. Have you also noticed Halloween Party sneak peeks in the second room of the University? There’s that green candy from the Halloween 2010 Party behind a chair in the bottom left corner. There’s also a green cauldron with green liquid (unlike the purple liquid in almost every cauldron in this party) with a which hat on it!

  5. WARNING: For people that don’t like riddles, I’m sorry, but this is just not for you xD.
    The code for the party hat sounds like Ogre or Oar, Seagull, what does Santa Claus say?, and bee hive (I may have stumped you a bit on the bee hive part ;))

  6. Omg, I think everyone forgot that Rookie messes up on a lot of things… please do not mess up the Halloween party, Rookie, just please don’t.

  7. OH MY GOSH I want that halloween shirt rookie has SOOO bad it looks so cute better than the red hawiian shirt if you ask me. Do you guys think that shirt will be in the penguin style catalog?

  8. Train can I Please post the code because people on youtube have already posted it and it is reusable! If you say yes I will post the code that I used

    • Anyone posting the code gets comment edited by me so I can remove it. If people want to get the code elsewhere, that is out of my control.

  9. Trainman, if CP didn’t want anyone who didn’t buy the magazine to redeem the code, then they would not have made it a universal code. ALL universal codes get leaked onto the internet, and CP knows this. They have people who they hire specifically to look at all of their fan sites and blogs etc. They know exactly what goes on, and if they cared to keep the hat for brazilians who bought the magazine only, they would have.

  10. uum trainman ? you are wrong.. The 5 Year Celebration Party Hat code are for everyone and it’s unknown if the code will expire after a few months . BUT THE CODE ARE FOR EVERYONE LOL XD

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