Club Penguin Magazine Issue 24

Last week Club Penguin released their 24th magazine issue in the United Kingdom. What’s odd is this month’s issue is a holiday special and next month’s issue is about Operation Puffle…you’d think it would be the opposite, right?¬†Oh well. Spydar007 has been kind enough to take pictures and tell me what is in this issue, so here’s everything he sent me!

Front Cover

Here is the table of contents:

  • Page 1 – Front Cover
  • Page 2 – Panini Stickers Advert
  • Page 3 – Club Penguin Holiday Party!
  • Page 4 – Club Penguin Times
  • Page 5 – Gold Puffle Discovery, C.P.T.V., Fashion 4 U
  • Pages 6, 7 + 8 – ‘Herbert’s Worst Plans’ Comic Part 1
  • Page 9 – Cadence’s Catwalk
  • Pages 10 + 11 – Puffle Cookies
  • Page 12 +13 – Rookie’s Holiday Song
  • Page 14 – Rockhopper’s Holiday Howlers!
  • Page 15 – Prize Booth
  • Page 16 – Cool Cribs!
  • Pages 18 + 19 – Poster 1
  • Pages 17 + 20 – Poster 2
  • Pages 21, 22 + 23 – ‘Herbert’s Worst Plans’ Comic Part 2
  • Pages 24 + 25 – Krabby Klaus Steals Christmas!
  • Page 26 – Rookiepedia
  • Page 27 – Disney Planes Sticker Collection Advert
  • Pages 28 + 29 – Stocking Filla Challenge!
  • Page 30 – ‘Eye Spy’ Comic
  • Page 31 – Subscribe Today!
  • Pages 32 + 33 – Ask Aunt Arctic
  • Page 34 – V.I.P.
  • Page 35 – Next Issue + Answers, Credits
  • Page 36 – Back Cover – Free Birds Advertisement

The free items in this issue are the Hornament Hat (reindeer hat), the Blue Puffle Stuffie (puffle toy), and the Snowman furniture item.

Item Code Card Photo 1

This is the other side of the card containing the code to unlock the items:

Item Code Card Photo 2

Here’s the preview for next month’s issue which will be on sale starting December 12th. It’s all about Herbert. It’ll come with a special Gold Puffle Hoodie item, 1,500 coins, and a treasure book item of your choice.

Next Issue...

As for some other odds and ends from this issue, here’s a few other pictures:

Page 3


The trophies Daffodaily5 mentioned last week.

Page 5

The toy that comes with the issue:

Toy Photo 1

Toy Photo 2


And finally a close up of next month’s items that was shown above:

2 Free Items for Next Issue

Thanks again Spydar!

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11 thoughts on “Club Penguin Magazine Issue 24

    • Angryjack, due to copyright, we can’t post the full magazine. If Train did post all the pics, he could get into a lawsuit with CP or Panini and then his blog could be entirely shut down. That is an extreme, but still a possibliity.

      • Yep, that’s correct. If I could I’d post the full magazine but alas I can’t so I just like to post a picture or two of the inside to give penguins a glimpse of the contents. :)

  1. I would really like to read the comics :(
    That is the only reason why I would buy the thing.
    Forget the codes, I like looking at the artwork!

    • Please note, That is my penguin…
      The old user is P162121516.
      I am well-known in a lot of places.

      After all, What’s wrong with me as a pookie? (It started as a dare, but I got used to it)
      Look at my old videos on YouTube (Channel: Alana CP) and you can see that I’m the VIP but I cannot get the magazine as I’m in Australia. No hates please.

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