Club Penguin Releases New Treasure Book….Only For Special Memberships

Many penguins have wanted a new treasure book for the longest time, however this isn’t quite what they were expecting. Rather than releasing a brand new treasure book that replaces the previous one, this new one is unlockable only with special memberships. Unfortunately, this means if you’ve been saving codes to use for the next treasure book, you’re out of luck. Instead you’ll only unlock items found in the 19th treasure book. This has annoyed some penguins, since some have every item in that treasure book and saved up unused codes to use on the next treasure book…only to find out they can’t. What began as Club Penguin including a special item or two with membership cards has now branched into its own treasure book. This means instead of buying a plush toy or some other item that comes with a coin code, you’ll have to buy a membership card to get any of these new items. It’s unknown what the current availability of these brand new membership cards are. They’ve been spotted at a Walmart in the United States so far. I don’t know about other stores or countries but I’m sure they’ll appear in other stores in other countries soon. If you’d like to know specifics on availability, Club Penguin Support would be happy to help you.


Now for the actual treasure book. Before I continue any further I want to say a huge thanks goes out to Surgex10 for allowing me to use his images, the one above and every single one below. The treasure book’s cover has been updated with the new penguin design and every page of the book has all new pages. There’s the usual bonus items, super exclusive items, and Puffles. There is also a 500 coins page at the end.









Here’s a little information from Club Penguin Support about the treasure book thanks to Spydar007.

We actually DO have plans to release a new Treasure Book, but it’s a bit different than those in the past. The new Treasure Book will be exclusive to a really awesome set of Membership cards that will be available in the US this Fall. Depending on the membership purchased, you can unlock up to 25 exclusive Treasure Book items.

That wraps things up for this new membership exclusive treasure book! Let me know how you like the items this time around, and more importantly: was moving the treasure book over from toys to memberships a good idea or a bad idea? Keep in mind that Club Penguin toys have been difficult to find in stores for a while now! Maybe sales were slowing down?

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  1. That’s sad. I didn’t enter one of my codes, because I’ve already got everything I want in the 19th Treasure Book. Nothing really interests me in the new treasure book, now that I’ve seen inside. The only thing I like is that the membership cards are now unlocking items and they look really nice.

  2. i am sorry to say but this is NOT a good update!
    The treasure book is now becoming a USA only feature and not for everyone with a CC code.
    I saved up my toy Codes FOR MONTHS and now we get THIS?

    if spike hike reads this post i want to say => make this treasure book avaible for everyone OR bring back the OLD treasure book series!

  3. To be honest I don’t think this is a very fair update. Not everyone who plays Club Penguin are lucky to live in the USA. I live in the UK myself and I would only get one if I bought one in from the US which has £50 ($81.06) postage.

    Why did you do this to us CP?! :’-(

  4. Soo umm you have to buy a special membership to get stuff from the treasure book?? CP I QUIT LITTERALYY they mess everything up i feel like this new cp is getting to boring :( i used to like the old parties and how EVERYONE could unlock treasure book items :( *sigh*

  5. No No No! Bad! I admit the items are very cool like all items, but they are all just recolours of older items! the white stuff are cool but the rest I practically already have just in a different colour! Also, why on earth have they made it membership only?! Has CP given up on toys and started advertising memberships instead!? I am a member, but now I have to renew my membership to get a new item, and I can only do that every 3 months so I don’t waste it. I am not waiting 3 months for 3 items that are just remakes! No, cP! Change it back! Sorry if I got emotional there, :P

    • We all get that feeling. Personally, all I think they’re doing is rotting the item archive system by making new things every month and, typically, most likely, WILL NOT PUT THEM BACK BECAUSE THEY’RE RECOLORS.

      Bring back the old items, don’t you think?

      Somehow I feel Spike/other people in charge/some ignorant penguins have different ideals for CP. About the kids, huh?

    • I don’t know of any WalMarts in the UK, but just because WalMart owns Asda, that doesn’t necessarily mean that those membership cards will come to their Asda stores…

  6. This Conversation Takes Place 2 weeks ago:
    Polo Field: Sir we need to update the Treasure book…

    Spike: FINE. *Spikes Brain* make the treasure book a special member only US only book with cool items that disappoint others.

    Spike: Click click click click

    Computer: Done

    October 1st 2013:

    Member Penguin sees new treasure book



    Saraapril Follower: Yes i agree we should eat spike hike

    Spike: MWAHAHAA

  7. This is sooooooooooooo sad :( I live in UK and have every item in the treasure book. And like so many others I have saved some coin codes for a new treasure book. Why is CP making things difficult, and why can’t non-members who have coin codes USE THEM?????

  8. Grr… 2 days ago I got a Snow Launcher… and seem to have gotten the normal treasure book items. I guess its only with that membership card… so now I have to wait 6 MONTHS TO GET IT >:|

  9. Wow…this is dumb. They should have let coin codes be used for this newer treasure book. Maybe not permanently, but at least for a few months for those that bought toys that were saving codes.

  10. ugh. why would they do this? The puffle toys and mix & match figures were doing so well for them. And the items in this treasure book are disappointing, they’re just new items with lame new colors

  11. The new items are just older items with different colors and names…

    But its a good idea to do that, I admit. I do believe they did it due to poor sales.

  12. people who are saying how EVERYTHING is for member is WRONG!! remember how card jitsue fire and water was for members only? well now its for EVERYONE! and remember when non members only got hats at partys? well now thy get FULL costumes AND can get stuff from the catalog AND free igloo items! members also dont get as much exclusives at partys anymore. i have been a member for 5 years now and non members are getting alot more these days. be thankfull! we pay alot of money for memberships and club penguin has to make money somehow!?

  13. Not a great idea, let me say.

    But meh. I don’t like the new items, because there’s nothing wacky or attractive, which is what I like (such as an animal costume, a cool suit…)


    if we buy a membership card for x months, and unlock some items in here, will we still get to keep the items after the membership expires, like the other treasure book items in the past??

    • The items will still be in your inventory but I do not know if you’ll be able to wear them when the membership expires.

  15. WHAT?! Trainman! I sent you FIRST the TB Cover. I even commented it before and you didn’t ANSWER! Here is proof! Also, I uploaded my video now and you can see that when I am unlocking the items, it CLEARLY shows the new TB Cover for a glimpse, then the old design returns! :’/

    • Sorry I’m so late at replying. I had known about the cover for a long time, I just didn’t post anything until the full TB came out. Sorry.

  16. I blame Spike Hike he’s ruined everything! He started the advertised parties, the new penguin design in the catalogs and now this! If Lane was still in charge of CP none of this would be happening.

  17. Well… it kind of IS fair. The UK and some other countries get the CP magazine. The US doesn’t, and if we want one we we would have to buy it online. Same for the new treasure memberships or whatever they are, US gets the special memberships, the UK and some other countries don’t. Unless, they buy it online. So, we should be evenly happy. Hey, like the CP magazine did, they expanded to other countries. Maybe they will do the same with the special memberships?

  18. ATTENTION EVERYONE: We can email Club Penguin & also tell everyone you know to email Club Penguin at and write how you feel about this new Treasure Book idea. I am upset about it & I politely wrote them how I feel it is unfair and there should be some sort of special Treasure Book for those of us who have some coin codes saved and need to use them. We paid for them and we should get what we paid for. Also, I have a lot of non-member buddies who cannot afford membership, but they gather up just enough money to buy a Club Penguin toy so they can unlock an item so they feel accepted and they don’t feel so left out. We all want Club Penguin to know how we feel and some ideas of what they need to do to make things fair and right. If enough of us penguins let Club Penguin know how strongly we feel about something, then we can make a change. Let’s stand up for what we think is right and make a change for something we care about. :)
    This affects all of us, members and non-members.

  19. If your already a member are you aloud to get this one too? I feel as though it would mess up my current membership…

  20. I like the new penguin design. They look slim. The old ones had tiny beaks. REAL penguins have long beaks anyway.

    • We don’t even care about beaks,you see colored penguins every time on cp and it has parties.We don’t even care about beaks WE NEVER CARE ABOUT NEW DESIGNS!!!

      Me: Nice work CP
      Cp: Thanks
      Me: i was being sarcastic
      Cp: D:
      Me: >:D

  21. Well gee, why bother to buy the toys now?
    My little brother got the toys and I got the codes.
    Not to mention I’m already a member, so why on Earth would I look for the special cards?
    Guess I’ll just buy him Bob the Builder toys, he likes those.

  22. I think CP should have made it so this treasure book can be unlocked with either the new membership cards OR toys. The toys would unlock the same amount as they always did, but the membership cards would unlock more, if they are more expensive. That way, CP would still get more penguins buying membership cards, and still make a lot of money off toys.. I think many penguins would be satisfied with this, and for me personally, it would me much more convenient, as I don’t really want to be a member again, but I DO want a few of these items a lot..

  23. They should make it that you need a membership to play cp,and just remove non-members. I mean non-members don’t get anything so it’s not a big difference.

    • There are so many reasons why that would never work. Here are a few of the main ones:
      1. Almost everyone starts out on CP as a non-member, very few people just buy a membership right away. Most people want to try it out first.
      2. People who were already members should get to keep their account, incase they want to become a member again. I personally have gone off and on from being a member at least 3 times.
      3. There are ALOT of non-member items, and things non-members can do. Every party has items for non-members, non-members can adopt 2 puffles, non-members can play many games, non-members now get some igloo items, non-members can role play and do many activities, and non-members can unlock treasure book items, and more.
      4. CP is at it’s core a social game. Membership isn’t required to make new friends and have a good time.
      5. CP toys and books and other merchandise are a large part of CP’s revenue. These do not require membership.
      6. Many people cannot afford membership, but still deserve to play CP.
      7. There is absolutely no reason when CP shouldn’t have nonmembers.

    I wrote Club Penguin about this & they wrote me back.

    I wrote CP:
    Hi there,
    Can I hold onto my unused coin codes & use them to unlock items from FUTURE or NEW Treasure Books?
    Thank you very much! :)

    CP wrote me back: (SO KEEP YOUR CODES!!!)

    You sure can!
    If you don’t like any of the items in the current Treasure Book, hold on to your coin codes and save them for an updated version of the Treasure Book. They won’t expire! I don’t know when a new Treasure Book will be released, so be sure to put the codes in a safe spot or give them to a parent so you don’t lose them!

  25. YOU CAN STILL USE OLD COIN CODES TO USE FOR NEW TREASURE BOOKS IN THE FUTURE. I wrote Club Penguin and asked them about this. If you don’t believe me, write Club Penguin.

  26. sooo dumb idea for member ship cards. i mean i am a member but if these are only in the US thats dumb i live in Canada. and i have 4-6 coin codes to use.

  27. I get my memberships online… But if I do get one of those special membership cards, will it add on to the months I already have on?

  28. I love Club Penguin… but sometimes it’s just annoying when your not a member and you see all of this cool stuff that you can’t even buy. Be my friend at Rad Girl997

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