Free 7 Day Club Penguin Membership And Two Unlockable Items

The Spanish Club Penguin Team is running a limited time promotion from April 23rd until May 7th in honour of Children’s Day. During this two weeks long promotion you can unlock two exclusive virtual items and a seven day membership.


The code for the two items is FELIZDIA, which translates to HAPPYDAY in English, for those wondering. The membership is from You can only get one code. Thanks everyone!

You can read Tato Maxx’s full blog post for all the details here.

Thanks Zezocool!

23 thoughts on “Free 7 Day Club Penguin Membership And Two Unlockable Items

  1. Train, I know how to get the membership.
    On a video made by club penguin reveals, I found out that you need to go to to get your code. The number on the bottom right is the code. (Note: This works only once and you can only get one code. If you go to the same site again, it will display an ‘oops’ message saying that you already got your code. So you basically can’t get more than 1 membership code)

  2. “You can only get one code.”

    You actually can get more than one code, you just have to know what you’re doing. :P Technically you can get an infinite number of codes.

    • Nah, not infinite – there’s not an infinite amount of IP address. But I won’t be saying how to get more since it’d be abused. You’re only meant to get 1 so 1 is what people will be getting.

  3. Thanks, Trainman!
    I’m already a member, so I gave it to my cousin who isn’t.
    She is SO HAPPY and sent you many, many thanks, and wishes she could send you a dozen chocolate chip cookies.

  4. Uhhh… It’s not just per IP. I used Google Chrome Incognito so that it won’ tore cookies and used the same computer and got at least 50 codes! (They’re not for me, I’m planning to give them out to people who can’t get a membership. But for some reason, it’s not working now!)

  5. For some reason I can’t get a single code. I visited once the website and it said this:

    “Por el momento no estamos entregando ningun codigo. Sigue pinguineando!”

    which translated from Spanish to English (by me) is:

    “For the moment we aren’t giving away any codes. Waddle On!”


    Is the promotion over already? :S

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