Club Penguin Membership Benefits For December 2014

Usually Club Penguin updates their membership page the first Wednesday or Thursday of the month, but for whatever reason they did not do that last week. Not to worry though, as Club Penguin has gone ahead and updated the page to list the extra benefits members will have in game this month.

Club Penguin Membership December 2014

Shop for Festive Styles
Need a Reindeer Costume or a Snow Day Parka? Check out the NEW Penguin Style.

Get Holiday Igloo Decor
Dec. 10, find new furniture like the Merry Walrus Statue and the Festive Fluffy Feast!

Unlock Special Surprises
Members can get the blue crystal puffle at the Merry Walrus Party Dec. 18-29.

I’m sure Merry Walrus will be a fun celebration. Hopefully Club Penguin turns it down a notch with new Puffles next year though!

Thanks Nene8888!

14 thoughts on “Club Penguin Membership Benefits For December 2014

    • So I would think that the furniature is cool but, remember, the party. It is cool to have new traditions. I am happy about this change anyways, new oppertunities too. But so many puffles? this should be the year of the puffle!

    • Since I liked the Star Wars takeover,I am..although I actually don’t know the story of SW Rebels..all I know about it is that it is in Disney XD and it has a blue haired dude. They could have made a Gravity Falls Takeover but I guess that works..

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