Club Penguin Is Discontinuing In-Store Memberships

At the end of April rumours were swirling around that Club Penguin was discontinuing membership cards in stores. Curious, I emailed the team myself to see whether or not this was true. The verdict? It is indeed true.

This was their response to me:

Yes, this is correct. Membership cards are being discontinued in stores. Our Team is changing up the way memberships are purchased but you can still purchase memberships online. To do so, please feel free to visit the following link:

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me between Club Penguin’s popularity decline and also between them phasing out 1 month memberships in stores back in 2014 and also removing 1 year memberships from their website late last year.

I wouldn’t worry too much unless you live in a large city, though. Chances are the leftover membership cards will remain on shelves until they’re all sold out.

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