On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 29

Updates on the 29th of March have happened in a single year so far, which is 2012. There was a new field op, the 75th one, the April Fools Igloo Decorating Contest, and the 2012 April Fool’s Day Party. Rookie was waddling around for the party and also sent out a pointless EPF message to every agent, too.

The 75th field op was located in the Candy Dimension, one of the April Fool’s Day Party rooms. The task to complete the mission was to destroy the targets by entering their x and y coordinates. The mission’s orders were pretty wacky, with G instructing the following:

Here are your orders: 3 fish dish pizzas, 1 veggie pizza, 4 squid pizzas, 1 cheese pizza and 5 dessert pizzas with extra jelly beans. April Fool’s! Just find me a giant candy cane. Seriously – that’s no joke.

The igloo contest was actually called the Craziest (Craaaziest) Igloo Contest Ever, because penguins were instructed to decorate their igloo extremely randomly. This was Club Penguin’s first ever April Fool’s igloo contest. The grand prize winner received one million (1,000,000) coins.

Club Penguin Craaaziest Igloo Contest Ever 2012

At the April Fool’s Day Party, boxes were all over the island and penguins could access a wide variety of different dimensions penguins could enter. The free item was the Blue Propeller Cap, which was located at both the Town and the Plaza. Members could access a special shop in some of the dimensions and buy space, cowboy, fairy, and bunny items for their penguin. There was also a free Box Hat, Box Costume, and Box Shoes. When combined, those three items did a special dance.

Also, like I mentioned, Rookie’s pointless EPF message said the following:

Hey! If you rearrange the letters in ‘Box Dimension’ you can spell ‘BeD mix onions’! I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds delicious!

Finally, while not directly game related, Club Penguin sent out a new Parent Update newsletter.


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  1. Too bad they don’t do igloo contests anymore… Maybe the nonmembers were mad about them because members could win insane amounts of coins, so they ended up stopping them.

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