Box Dimension

The entrance to the Box Dimension is a bit unusual. You must go to an igloo (or your igloo) with the box displayed in the igloo. If you waddle on top of the box, it will then teleport you to this room. For some reason after the Adventure Party in June 2009 all the plants from that party were moved to this room.

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  1. There’s actually a secret on the Box Dimension, although one of which I sadly have no proof of. Way back in the day me and a friend of mine played Club Penguin quite frequently. He often told me lies about how Aunt Arctic had shown him the inside of the boiler, or how he saw a puffle under the archives; stuff like that. One day when I was at his place he told me that his mom had gotten a direct email to Club Penguin, allowing him to give them ideas. He even told me that he was the one who gave them ideas for the white puffle. I was skeptical and so he gave me the email and I sent them a couple messages. I sent them two ideas; one was for a house item that included an underground excavation site with a ladder going down. The other went a bit deeper. You see it always bothered me about how whenever they held parties the items just seemed to appear and disappear. I suggested a warehouse be constructed to house all the past party items, a kind of easter egg. To my surprise they replied to me, confirming that yes this was the development team for Club Penguin and that they liked my ideas. A few months later they released the box dimension, and I was ecstatic. My excavation item was also released in one of the magazines, although I fail to remember it. After the plant party or event, all the plants were taken and stored in the box dimension, allowing it to serve its original purpose. Sadly I have both lost the email address that sent the email, and the club penguin email. I have no way to confirm that this story is true, other than contacting Club Penguin themselves and asking them if they had received the idea. If any of you have a means of contacting Club Penguin and asking them about it, I hope we would be able to prove the truth of this story -Odei7

  2. This is how you get it. This up coming July there will be another (different) catalog. look inside the catalog and after a few pages theres a stone couch. Click on it and it should say: You have found a secret! And it should be the box portal

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