Club Penguin Special Dances, Waves, etc

This is a list of almost every special dance, wave, or sit action you can do in Club Penguin.


Gold Letterman Jacket

Space Squid Costume

Stuntman Suit

Stuntwoman Suit

Neon Green Longboard

Neon Green Longboard + Neon Green Helmet


Digital Camera (only at Hollywood Party)

Bling Bling Necklace

Triceratops Shield

Herbert Disguise

Volcano Costume

Gravedigger Suit + Gray Shovel

Gray Shovel

The Mischief Maker + Mischief Maker Costume

Pitch Perfect Shirt

Music Splatter Hat + Pitch Perfect Shirt

Hip Hop Hoodie

Purple Boom Box

Acid Guitar!


Box Costume + Box Hat + Box Shoes

Straw Gardening Hat

Cookie Serving Apron

Fire Training Plates + Fire Headband

Water Training Plates + Water Headband

The Sushi Master + Sushi Master Unform + Sushi Tray

The Clown-Around + Clown-Around Costume + Clown Shoes

Ghoul Detector Jumpsuit + Ghoul Detector 3000


Mime Beret + Mime Face Paint + Mime Costume

Mustachio + Strongman Suit + Dumbbells

One Man Band + One Man Band Hat

Balloon Vendor + Bunch of Balloons

I Heart Pizza T-Shirt

Blast-Off Board

Ice Cream Vendor Apron

Electric Pink Snowboard

Tundra Board

Telescope + Commander’s Coat + The Continental

The Pirateer, Telescope, & Crow’s Nest Vest



The Storm + Thunder Gi

The Storm + Lightning Gi

The Bolt + Lightning Gi

The Bolt + Thunder Gi

The Crimson Sun Suit

The Golden Sun Suit

Music Jam Cap

Music Swirl Tee & Music Jam Cap

White Knight Items

Delivery Hat & Delivery Suit

Box Costume

Stealth Gear

Popcorn Tray

The Tuned In

Jet Pack + Green Propeller Cap

Jet Pack + Red Propeller Cap

Jet Pack + Blue Propeller Cap

Jet Pack + Purple Propeller Cap

All 4 EPF Comm Items

All 4 Water Ninja Items

Green Propeller Cap

All Four Fire Ninja Items

Mop and Bucket

Jet Pack

Water Suit 3000

Conga Drums


Purple Electric Bass

Green Keytar

Orange Double Necked Guitar

Blue Duck

Blue Duck & Orange Floaties

Blue Duck & Blue Floaties

EPF Tactical Gear

Goldsmith Apron

Deep Sea Diving Suit

Fireman Shirt

Fireman Shirt and Fireman Hat

Hula Skirt

Hula Skirt and Blue Lei

Blue Lei

Hawiian Lei

Green Hard Hat

Green Hard Hat & Construction Jacket

Hula Skirt & Hawiian Lei

Ice Cream Apron


Double Necked Guitar

Coffee Apron

Pizza Hat

Pizza Apron & Pizza Hat

Matador Outfit

Clown Shoes & Clown Wig

Clown Shoes, Clown Wig, & Clown Shoes


Yellow Hard Hat

Yellow Hard Hat & Construction Vest

Orange Hard Hat

Orange Hard Hat & Construction Vest

Green Duck

Green Duck & Orange Floaties

Green Duck & Blue Floaties

Orange Floaties

Blue Floaties

Yellow Duck

Yellow Duck & Orange Floaties

Yellow Duck & Blue Floaties

Accoustic Guitar

Red Electric Guitar

Black Electric Guitar



Drumsticks & Snare Drum


Red Propellor Cap

Blue Propellor Cap

Festive Maracas


Soccer Ball

Red Soccer Jersey & Soccer Ball

Blue Soccer Jersey & Soccer Ball

Green Soccer Jersey & Soccer Ball

Red Soccer Jersey, Cleats, & Soccer Ball

Blue Soccer Jersey, Cleats, & Soccer Ball

Green Soccer Jersey, Cleats, & Soccer Ball

Blacksmith Apron

Bass Guitar

Conductor Shirt

Painter’s Overalls

Mad Scientist Coat

Mad Scientist Coat & Scientist Wig


Red Hard Hat

Lifeguard Shirt

Lifeguard Shirt & Orange Floaties

Lifeguard Shirt & Blue Floaties

Lasso & Black Cowboy Hat

Lasso & Tan Cowboy Hat

Lasso & Pink Cowgirl Hat


Ninja Outfit & Ninja Mask

Pink Electric Guitar

Sunburnt Accoustin Guitar




Boom Box


Matador Outfit & Black Cowboy Hat


Chef Apron & Pizza Hat

Puffle Apron


Ghost Costume and Flashlight


Thunder Blade

Build Safe Places T-Shirt

Protect The Earth T-Shirt

Provide Medical Help T-Shirt

Tree Outfit

Green Face Paint

Video Camera

Yellow Face Paint

Silver Bell

All 4 Guardian Dog Items


Ninja Outfit, Ninja Mask, & Cloud Wave Bracers


Paddle Ball

Red Whistle

Silver Whistle

Refferee Shirt

Tour Guide Hat

Shadow Guy Outfit, Blue Mask, & Blue Cape

Gamma Gal Outift, Pink Mask, & Pink Cape


Blue Face Paint

Red Face Paint

Rescue Squad Outfit & Snowboarding Helmet

Mummy Outfit, Egyptian Head Item, & Crook and Flail

Egyptain Head Item & Crook and Flail

Mummy Outfit & Crook and Flail

Egyptain Outfit, Egyptain Head Item, & Crook and Flail


Submarine Suit

Flashing Lure Rod

Fishing Rod

Blue Book


Throwing a Snowball:

Capture Equipment (only available during Operation Blackout from November 15, 2012 – December 4, 2012. When throwing a snowball it was a net)

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