On This Day In Club Penguin History – December 6

Club Penguin had over ten different updates on the 6th of December back in 2012! There were new catalogues for the month, new room designs, and a whole lot more! The main update on the 6th of December was the new Penguin Style.┬áThat month’s penguin style featured new outfits such as the Nutcracker Costume and also had other winter wear to stay warm. Other holiday updates included A Humbug Holiday returning to the stage for a second time, the Stadium turned from a Soccer Pitch to a Ice Rink for Winter, and the sports catalogue was also updated with items for Winter sports.┬áThe catalogue featured all new bobsledding items and returned both the ice skating and hockey related gear.

Club Penguin December 2012 Penguin Style

Another big update that took place were rooms gaining new designs. Penguins said goodbye to the looks of the Town, Plaza, Snow Forts, Ski Village, Dock, and Beach, as they all got brand new designs – the designs that are currently used in-game.

There were also some minor updates on the 6th, too. The postcards were updated with holiday themed ones, Rockhopper was spotted in the telescope coming to the island, there was a logoff screen for Cool in the Cold, a login screen for the Holiday Party, Club Penguin’s homepage got a new design – the current one, and PSA missions were added to Club Penguin’s fun stuff page. It was definitely a lot to blog about! :)


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