Club Penguin PSA Mission Cheats

This is a guide on how to complete every mission on Club Penguin. They were originally in the PSA/EPF HQ’s but are now playable on the Fun Stuff section of Club Penguin’s website.

Mission 1: Case of The Missing Puffles

1. Start off by talking to Aunt Arctic. Then go to the Pet Shop.
2. Once you’re at the Pet Shop, look for a note on the Puffle House.
3. There is a note on the code. It’ll say “G has (number) pairs of socks”. The number is different each time so you’ll have to find out yourself. Once you have the number go to the Sports Shop.
5. Ask G if he has any special items. Give the answer to how many socks he has. Once you tell him ask him if you can see any spy gadgets.
6. After you ask him he’ll open up the cabinet. Take the Life Preserver Shooter and Grappling Hook. Once you get it go to the Iceberg.
7. At the Iceberg use the Life Preserver shooter to help the penguins. Once you’re done go to the Ski Hill.
8. At the Ski Hill you’ll see a penguin use the wrench to fix the telescope. Once it’s fixed, look through it and you’ll spot one of Aunt Arctic’s puffles.
9. Go to the Tallest Mountain. Use the Grappling Hook to climb it. You’ll find Aunt Arctic’s Green Puffle and Purple Puffle. You’ll then go back to Aunt Arctic, return her puffles, and the mission will be over.

Here is a video of the mission:

Mission 2: G’s Secret Mission

1. The mission starts out with G asking you a riddle. The answer is ‘mogul’. After that hit yes and you’ll get your mission.
2. Put the sled in your inventory then go to the Ski Hill. Use the sled on the test run hill. Eventually you’ll crash and end up in the wilderness.
3. When you see rope pick, it up and put it in your inventory. Then pick up the Survival Guide.
4. In the next room pick up the broken ski. Put the ski and rope together to make a fishing pole.
5. Once you’re in the room with an O Berry bush, take three berries from it. Put a berry on the fishing pole you made.
6. When you see a pot on the tree, shake the tree so it falls down. Once it falls down pick it up. After you get it go to the room with the tree stump.
7. Once you’re in the room with the tree stump all the Puffles will go away except the Black Puffle. Give the Black Puffle an O Berry and it will follow you.
8. Go to the river. There is a log you need to collect. Then fill the pot with water from the river.
9. Go to the cave. Head inside it.
10. Click the rocks to form a fire pit.
11. Put the log and survival book in the fire pit.
12. Give the Black Puffle an O’Berry. The puffle will ignite the log and a fire will be created. Boil the water on the fire then drink it. Eventually you’ll fall asleep and wake up. Go outside. Jet Pack Guy will take you back to the HQ and the mission will be complete.

Here is a video of the mission:

Mission 3: Case of The Mission Coins

1. Start off by talking to the other agent in the room. Tell him to open the door. He can’t. Go up to the Manager’s Office.
2. Click under the couch. Pick up the paperclip and disk. Go over to the computer. Put the disk in the computer and turn it on.
3. Once the disk loads on the computer click “My Files” and then “Combination_Number”. Be sure to take note of the numbers and go back downstairs.
4. Go over to the safe. Use the numbers that were on the disk to open the safe. Once it’s open go inside. Eventually your phone will ring. Go to the HQ.
5. Talk to G then look at the footage. Once the footage is over go to the key drawer and click on the yellow key that’s on the upper left corner of the drawer. Take it and go back to the Gift Shop.
6. Go upstairs to the Manager’s Office. Use the key to get on the roof.
7. Once you’re on the roof pick up the white fur. Then use your wrench to take the bolts off the box.
8. Once the box is open, put the paperclip in it. The box will malfunction. Once it does that go back to the downstairs portion of the Gift Shop.
9. Go to the HQ and give G the white fur.
10. Head to the Town. Go inside the Dance Club. Turn on your night vision goggles.
11. Go to the Boiler Room and open up the fuse box.
12. Turn all the buttons on the fuse grid green.
13. Go back to the HQ. The mission is now over.

Here is a video of the mission:

Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue

1. Start the mission by talking to G. Then go to the Gadget Room once he unlocks the door to it.
2. Once you’re in the Gadget Room pick up the life preserver. Go to the Ski Village.
3. Once you’re at the Ski Village you will see fur next to the crying penguin. Pick it up.
4. Go to the Ski Lodge and pick up the fishing pole.
5. Go to the Sports Shop and collect the belt that the model penguin is wearing.
6. Go back to the Ski Village. Repeat the chair lift with the belt you took.
7. Go to the Lighthouse and pick up the rope. Combine the rope, fishing pole, and life preserver. Then go to the Mountain.
8. Figure out the correct mountain path.
9. Once you’re at the cliff, throw the life preserver down.
10. Rescue three of the penguins with the life preserver. You need to drop all the penguins next to the rock. The rock will then fall and push the fourth and final penguin onto a higher spot where you can then reach him.
11. Once the fourth penguin is rescued you’ll wind up back at the Mountain. Talk to G, give him the white fur you found, and then the mission will be over.

Here is a video of the mission:

Mission 5: Secret of The Fur

1. Talk to G. He will ask for your assistance fixing his machine.
2. Click the machine and then open your spy phone. Take the comb and use it on the fur.
3. Once done analysing that fur, G will give you the white fur from a previous mission. Put the fur into the machine. It’ll do two scans. The first scan will not find anything. The second scan will find hot chocolate, hot sauce, and jet pack fuel. Before you go anywhere, get the AC 1000 that’s in the Gadget Room, as you’ll need it later.
4. Go to the Pizza Parlor. Ask the chef what happened, then ask if you can take some hot sauce and chocolate sauce. Then ask if you can help him, in which case he’ll say you can deliver a pizza. Take that pizza and go to the Ski Lodge, then to where Ice Fishing is. Deliver the pizza.
5. Go to the Coffee Shop and talk to the employee. He will show you a drawing of the monster eh saw. Then ask him for some hot chocolate. He’ll tell you the machine is broken.
6. Fix the machine by using the wrench. Put the mug below the hot chocolate dispenser,. Then pour the chocolate into the top of the machine, turn the temperature to hot, and press the button to pour the hot chocolate.
6. Put the mug of hot chocolate into your inventory then go to the Lighthouse Beacon. Use the AC 1000 on the jet pack fuel to blow it towards you. Cut the fuel down using the scissors from your spy phone.
7. Go back to the HQ. Pour the hot sauce, jet pack fuel, and hot chocolate into the machine to calibrate to goggles. Take them.
8. Go to the Ski Lodge. You’ll see footprints. Go to the back of the Lodge and you’ll see the shadow of Herbert. Go to the Lighthouse.
9. Take the net and rope that’s inside the Lighthouse. Head back to the Ski Lodge. Make sure you take the candle that’s in the room.
10. Combine the net and rope together to make a trap. Then add the candle.
11. Klutzy will wander out and become trapped. Herbert will run away. Take Klutzy as well as the fur that’s left behind from Herbert and put it in your inventory.
12. Go back to the HQ and give the crab to G. Put the fur Herbert left behind into the machine. It’ll come up with a match this time: a polar bear. The mission will then conclude.

Mission 6: Questions For A Crab

1. Talk to G. The crab’s interrogation will then start. The machine being used will blow up and Klutzy the crab will escape. Follow the crab.
2. The crab will take you to the mountain and into the wilderness.
3. Keep following the crab through the wilderness. In one of the rooms there is a bag of O’berries tied to a tree, which you need to cut down and collect by using the scissors from your spy phone.
4. Give an O’berry to the Black Puffle in the wilderness so it follows you.
5. Once in front of the cave, give it another O’berry so it goes inside and unlocks the door. Once unlocked, take a step inside.
6. You will end up trapped in a cage. The polar bear, Herbert, will steal your spy phone.
7. The polar bear will then tell you his life story. Once he’s (finally) done he will leave and you need to escape.
8. Put an O’berry on the brown lever. The black puffle will go on it. Water will start to pour out of the faucet.
9. Put another O’berry on the end of the gutter. The puffle will go on it and weigh the area down.
10. Put a third and final o’berry on the platform. The puffle will go onto it and the cage will lift.
11. Collect the hot sauce, blueprints, rope, and hook. Combine the rope and hook to make a grappling hook.
12. Go to leave the cave. When you try to leave the cave, snow will fall over and trap you inside. Combine an o’berry with the hot sauce. The black puffle will eat it and melt the snow, giving you an exit path.
13. Backtrack through the wilderness to the mountain. Take the grappling hook and use that to climb up. Go to the Ski Lodge.
14. Go behind the Ski Lodge where Ice Fishing is to look for Herbert. Then go to the Pizza Parlor. Ask the chef for a seaweed pizza. Take it, go back to Herbert, and give it to him.
15. When Herbert is distracted, pull the lever on the machine to switch it to reverse. Wait for Herbert to go on the machine, and once he does it’ll break the ice and he’ll fall in. G will then arrive, Herbert will call him from the spy phone he stole from you earlier, and the mission will be over.

Mission 7: Clockwork Repair

1. Talk to G. He will show you a surveillance video of Herbert dismantling the clock tower.
2. Before you leave the HQ, go over to the lockers. You need to the magnet. You can unlock the lock by inputting “key” in the PSA code – there is a key of characters in the bottom right corner that you can always reference.
3. Once you have the magnet, go into the gadget room and collect the life preserver. Then head to the Dock.
4. Once you are at the Dock, talk to the blue team and ask them for the target they have. They won’t give it up without a fight, though. You need to hit the target three times in a mini-game. Once you do that they will forfeit the target. In return, give them the life preserver you picked up from the HQ. Now head to the Iceberg.
5. Use the magnet to bring the spring in the water to shore. Collect it. Now go to the Beach.
6. Take the pail that’s resting in the snow.
7. Go to the Town. Talk to Rookie and take a flyer with a picture of the gear.
7. Go to the Snow Forts, fill the pail up with snow, then go to the Pizza Parlour.
8. In the Pizza Parlour is a sheet of music. Pick it up and take it to the Stage.
9. Play the sheet of music you picked up on the Stage’s piano. Hit the corresponding key colours. If done correctly, the yellow puffle will come out of hiding.
10. Show the yellow puffle the flyer with the gear, then give it the snow in the mail to create a replica. Put it in your inventory.
11. Go to the HQ and inside the gadget room. Put the spring on the conveyor belt of the Test Chamber. Press the fire button so it’ll melt the ice. Put the spring back in your inventory.
12. Do the same with the gear, but instead of fire, press the ice/snow button. Put the icey gear in your inventory.
13. Go to the Snow Forts and put the gear, spring, and target back in place on the clock tower.
14. You’ll then get a call from Herbert and G will arrive. The mission will then conclude.

Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors

1. G will start off by tell you to investigate recent tremors around the island. Do so by going to the Dock. There you’ll come across Herbert and Klutzy. They’ll be in some sort of drilling machine. Talk to them.
2. After you finish talking to them Herbert will drop his map of the tunnels. Klutzy will try to grab it but due to having claws it’ll be cut in half. They will then leave. Once they leave pick up the lantern. Go to the Town to follow the map.
3. Go inside the Coffee Shop and offer to help the barista pick up the cookies. Pick them up. Once you’re done ask the barista if you can have one. He’ll give you one. Take it and go to the HQ.
4. At the HQ get the Brown Fedora. Head back to the Town.
5. At the Town give the hat to the Green Puffle. Give it the cookie and it’ll then get the first half of the map. Then go to the Snow Forts.
6. When you’re at the Snow Forts you’ll see the second half of the map fly to the Plaza. Go there.
7. At the Plaza you’ll see the map fly into a penguin’s newspaper. Talk to the penguin and ask for the newspaper. He’ll say no and mention he is hungry for a pizza.
8. Go to the Pizza Parlor. Ask the Chef for a pizza. Take it and go back to the Plaza. Give it to the penguin with the newspaper. Ask for the newspaper. This time he’ll say yes. Take it and you’ll get the second map piece. Now that you have both pieces you need to get a few items.
9. Go to the Gadget Room and get the hammer. Then ask G for the air tank.
10. Go to the Beach and get the net.
11. Go inside the Lighthouse and get a cream soda barrel. Be sure not to shake it!
12. While you’re still in the Lighthouse ask the penguin on the stage for the box of balloons.
13. Go to the Sports Shop and get the pegs. This is the final item you need. Now go to the Dock and go underground.
14. The map is different for each penguin. No matter what you go left or right throughout the tunnel.
15. At the end of the tunnel you’ll appear at the Gift Shop, which is now underground due to the tremors.
16. Take one of the balloons from the balloon box and put it on the air tank to fill it up.
17. Shake the cream soda barrel and put it under the Gift Shop. Make sure it doesn’t explode! Once the Gift Shop is blasted up go to the Town. Put the balloon on the Gift Shop and it’ll rise some more. Then put your net under it. Put the pegs on the net then hammer them in. The Gift Shop will fall into place.
18. Now go to the HQ. He’ll tell you that you need to find Herbert and Klutzy. Go back underground.
19. Go past where the Gift Shop was. When you see the machine, take out your spy phone’s wrench and use it on the bolts of the machine. Take the gear and put it in your inventory. Now go inside the Boiler Room.
20. Herbert will spot you. He’ll hit the boiler. G will call you and say you need to fix the boiler/
21. Click on the pipes to start fixing them. You need to build a path from the beginning to the end with the pipes. Once you fix it G will call again. Talk to G and the mission will be over.

Mission 9: Operation Spy & Seek

1. Talk to G. Take and put the 3 tracking devices in your inventory.
2. Go to the Ski Lodge and pick up all of the Find Four pieces around the Ski Lodge and Lodge Attic. In the Ski Lodge they’re located by the window, stool, under the phone, and on the ladder. In the Lodge Attic they’re by the bricks, on the typewriter, on the table, and on the two boxes.
3. Before you go back downstairs pick up the string that is on the rug.
4. Go downstairs and put the pieces in the Find Four game by the penguins. Then go to the Forest.
5. At the Forest pick up the sticks. Combine the sticks, blue print, and string to make a kite. Then add a transmitter to the kite.
6. Go to the kite and put it on the pole. Then go to the Plaza. Talk to the penguins there.
7. The Puffle where will blow a bubble. The bubble will pop all over the penguins. Help the penguins and take the bubble gum.
8. Put the gum on the rubber duck in your inventory. Then go to the Dock.
9. At the Dock help the penguin. You need to pull the handle on the boat. Once the boat starts ask to borrow the air pump. Inflate the duck and add a transmitter to it.
10. Go to the Iceberg and put the duck in the water. After that go to the Mine.
11. At the Mine talk to Rory. Help him out.
12. Once you’re done weld the cracks on the Cart Surfer cart. Put the transmitter on it and click on it to send it on its ways.
13. G will then call you on your spy phone. Talk to him. Go to the HQ and take the Binocular 3000’s from him.
14. Go to the Ski Lodge. Go behind the Ski Lodge. Look through the binoculars across the pond.
15. Go back to the HQ and talk to G. Go back to Herbert’s camp and place the surveillance camera in the tree. Go back to the HQ to watch Herbert and Klutzy. The mission will then be over.

Mission 10: Waddle Squad

1. Talk to G and get the solar panel from the box next to him. Then go to the Gift Shop.
2. Inside the Gift Shop talk to Rookie. Use the solar panel on the cables on the magnet. You need to solve the puzzle.
3. Once the puzzle is done talk to the Gift Shop’s manager. Get the two boxes and table. Set them up outside in the Town. After that go to the Beach.
4. At the Beach talk to Jet Pack Guy. Go inside the Lighthouse and get some cream soda. Go back to the Beach and give it to him. You need to divide it all. Once it’s all done go to the Dock.
5. At the Dock talk to the penguin. You’ll get some rope. Then go to the Night Club.
6. Take the rope and put it on the machine. Pull the lever.
7. When you pull the lever it’ll malfunction. You’ll need to use your spy phone’s wrench on it and fix it.
8. Go to the HQ and talk to G. Jet Pack Guy will then report in.
9. Go to the Dock and find Herbert. Rookie will report in.
10. Head to the Night Club. When Herbert is below the cage pull the machine’s lever to trap him.
11. The agents will surround him. Two can do two things: either direct the lights above you towards the solar panel or take the jet pack from Jet Pack Guy and put it on the cage.
12. Rookie will then mess up by giving Herbert his spy phone, which he will then use to escape. The mission will then be over.

Mission 11: The Veggie Villain

1. Talk to Gary. Tell him that you’re ready to start the mission. He’ll then talk about seeds. It turns out they are corn seeds.
2. Go to the Gift Shop. Talk to Rookie. Pick up the corn seeds that are on the floor then go upstairs.
3. Once you’re upstairs talk to Jet Pack Guy. Pick up the other corn seeds that are under the desk. Then go back to the HQ once G calls you.
4. Herbert will take over the screens at the HQ. He’ll start talking to you.
5. After Herbert is done with talking to you go to the Lighthouse. Pick up the CD under the piano. Also get the spray bottle and cleaning cloth. Finally, get the tin can. Take it to the Beach and fill it up with water. You’ll need it for later. Now use the cloth & bottle to clean the disk. Once the CD is clean go to the Ski Village.
6. Go behind the electrical equipment. Put the CD in the tray. While the video feed stopped, the audio will continue. Use your wrench on the box to open it up. You’ll need to enter the code. After you enter the code go to the Gadget Room in the HQ. Put the tin can filled with water in the test machine and press the snow button. Take the frozen water (ice cube) to the penguin at the Beacon. You’ll get a lens in return. Then go to the Ski Village and give the brown penguin the lens. Finally, go to the Mine Shack. Enter the fields of corn.
7. Follow the footprints. Be sure to pick up the four pieces of paper as you go along. Also pick up the plank of wood.
8. Follow the paths. Eventually you’ll end up at a river. Use the wooden plank to cross it.
9. Once you cross the river you’ll end up at a ledge with torches. Take some of the corn seeds and put them on a torch. The ladder will fall down. Climb up it. 10. At the top you’ll then see Herbert. Talk to him. Unplug his computer. You’ll then be transported to the HQ.
11. When G tries to stop his machine click the orange book underneath the map. A target will pop up. Click it and solve the code by lining up all of the colors.
12. Once the code is solved an Elite Penguin Force agent will appear. The three of you will be teleported to the Ski Village – just in time, too!
13. G will then get a call on his phone. The mission will be over.

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