On This Day In Club Penguin History – October 3

By / October 7, 2014

The third of October has had updates in 2008 and 2013. In 2008 there was the release of the new Penguin Style. In 2013 there was the release of multiple new catalogues, a new pin, Halloween Party teasers, and more!

The October 2008 Penguin Style contained fun new Halloween costumes such as the Frankenpenguin and Faery. Classic Halloween items such as the Ghost Costume, Skeleton Costume, and Black Mask returned. (fun fact, the Ghost Costume and Black Mask were first released in October 2005, and in September and October 2006 before the October Penguin Style was released, any rare penguin who wore those item instantly got a big crowd – it was just as popular as the Beta Hat at the time)

Club Penguin October 2008 Penguin Style

As for 2013, not only the clothing catalogue was updated, but so were the furniture and igloo catalogues! Usually the furniture and igloo catalogues (now a single catalogue) are updated the second Thursday of the week, but Club Penguin decided to release them early. They all featured Halloween themed items. All 3 catalogues were also updated on the Club Penguin app.

Aside from catalogues, there were also a few other updates. The Prank Fangs Pin was hidden at the Hidden Lake, the igloo music was updated with new spooky tracks, the postcards were updated with Halloween themed postcards, and the Puffle Food station was added to the Pizza Parlour.

Finally, Club Penguin began advertising the 2013 Halloween Party. They added login and logoff screens and updated the homepage to add a teaser video.



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