October 2006 Penguin Style

This is the October 2006 Penguin Style catalog. The main theme of this catalog was Halloween Costumes. The page containing the Ghost Costume, Skeleton Costume, and the Fairy Items was not originally there when the Clothing Catalog was released on the first Friday in October 2006. At first, only the Clown Costume existed on that page. Then on the day the 2006 Halloween Party started Club Penguin added those items to the catalog. Do you have any more pictures of this clothing catalog? Email us at cp.memories@yahoo.com

5 thoughts on “October 2006 Penguin Style

  1. Man I miss old cp,they weren’t to caught up in being modern,penguins weren’t always trying to look cool,penguins would be creative,and I liked their catalogs better to.By,by,good old better than new old clubpenguin :(

    -Anna125 (I had a beta account but it was hacked and banned in early 2010,so I made Anna125)

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