The New Coffee Shop Design Is Now Here

After first renovating the Book Room back in June for the Marvel Superhero Takeover and then keeping the design, Club Penguin recently begun teasing the new Smoothie Smash game and Coffee Shop redesign on the official Club Penguin Blog. These updates are now all here. You can check out my post on Smoothie Smash here.

Anyway, here is the full Coffee Shop design in all its glory. The new game, Smoothie Smash, is in the bottom left. Bean Counters is in the bottom right.

It’s nice to see a new room design. Which room do you think Club Penguin will redo next? Do you want them to continue redoing rooms?

The following pages have been updated:

8 thoughts on “The New Coffee Shop Design Is Now Here

  1. I have to admit, they made the coffee shop look nice. But they ruined the book room in my opinion. So I perfer if they don’t redesign any rooms, unless they’re going to make a new game.

    • Hey penguin!

      You’re hopes and dreams will come true! We have heard flipper-tastic things about the new Coffee shop, and we plan to update the Pizza Parlor, Gift shop, Night Club, and other rooms by the end of the year!

      Waddle on!
      -Club Penguin

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