Club Penguin Book Room

The Book Room has been out ever since Club Penguin opened. Here you can read some books by either walking to the bookshelf or clicking the book icon in the bottom right corner. Three Paint By Letter books, which were games, used to be on the bookshelf before they were removed on June 14th, 2012. The rest of the books on the bookshelf are regular stories to read. In this room you can also play Mancala. On October 24, 2010 Fan Art was added to the wall. In June 2012 during that month’s party, the Marvel Super Hero Takeover, the Book Room was changed into the Club Penguin Times office. After this party ended that new design for the Book Room was kept.

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10 thoughts on “Club Penguin Book Room

  1. Hey Trainman! Just letting you know it still says there are Paint by Letters Books. Maybe keep that and add something like “They were later deleted on…”
    Lovin’ the site and hope one day you will be my friend – Blue 28z :)

  2. and you should change the headline to be ‘Newsroom’ instead of ‘book room’ and say something like ‘this was once called the Book Room…’
    Love your website,
    Chilly573 :)

  3. Train, you know how you put ‘Clothes Shop ( formally the Gift Shop )’ on the Rooms page? You should do the same for this page. Put something up that says ‘Newsroom ( formally the Book Room )’ You did that with the Gift ( Clothes ) Shop. You should do it for this page too!

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