How To Get a Club Penguin Island Beta Test Invite

Several days ago, on the 17th of November, Megg finally announced what Project Super Secret is after a year and a half of teases. It’s a brand new mobile-only version of Club Penguin in 3D titled Club Penguin Island. Currently you can preregister for it on their special website. The team is also conducting a…

Inside The World of Club Penguin Account Cracking and Selling

For a very long time, easily around late 2006 before booming tenfold in 2008 and occurring for years to come, there has been a part of Club Penguin you really don’t hear about much. In fact, you might not even know it exists. That world is hacking old and rare penguin accounts, then either making the account…

The Club Penguin Times Newspaper Is Now Biweekly

Club Penguin was supposed to update their newspaper on Wednesday when they released a new pin, but they never did. Was it yet another bug, or something more? Curious, players contacted Club Penguin Support and asked. The answer? The Club Penguin Times newspaper will now be released every other week rather than every seven days.

Alien Puffles Depart Club Penguin

It’s about time! After first making their way to Club Penguin in November last year, Operation Crustacean has finally ended and the alien puffles have left the Club Penguin island. The Dock is finally clutter free again.