Club Penguin Blog New Coffee Shop Sneak Peek Images and Meetup

Here are a few sneak peek images of the Coffee Shop. You can see a vast majority of this new room. On the bottom left is Smoothie Smash and on the top right is Bean Counters. There is then seating all around.

You can check out the comments for links to combinations of the pictures.

New Club Penguin Coffee Shop

Wow, that Coffee Shop looks really nice in my opinion! How do you like the look of it?

Do you like the new Coffee Shop design?

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There will be a Club Penguin get-together this Thursday at 12:30pm Penguin Standard Time in the server Snow Day.

In addition, Federflink1, a Club Penguin Team Blogger, will be having a meetup in the new Coffee Shop on the server Handschuhe at 15:00 (3:00 PM) Germany Time this Thursday. (August 30th)

Special thanks to King Hazard for telling me about the second image.

46 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog New Coffee Shop Sneak Peek Images and Meetup

  1. I voted as “No, I prefer the old one” Because i like rare things better :D Well a lot of memories in old coffee shop D;

  2. hey train I had a similar image but mine had a new penguin design/sprite i will show you if you want.

  3. Heyy Train.
    If you you look on the french version of the CP blog there is another sneak peak image! Please give me credit

  4. Hey Trainman1405 did you know that some Club Penguin English moderators will come to server Snow Day on Thursday at 12:30 PST.
    Give me credit.

  5. Hey Trainman! You know how the Temple is one room but you can’t see the whole thing all at once? Well, I did a little editing and made this image all lit up at once!

    You can use it on your Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit page for the 2012 parties or something else if you would like. :) Also, sorry its a little messy, for example the Map icon and the white lines.

    You don’t have to give credit. I don’t really care about that stuff.

    -Belly18 :)

  6. You forgot to say on the English Community Blog Happy77 said that you can meet Club Penguin mods on server Snow Day on Trursday at 12:30 PST.
    Please Give Me Credit!

  7. Where is the new Club Penguin video for the new Penguin Band song?? I thought it was going to be released today!

  8. New coffee shop. I have many reasons to favor new CP but i’ll only list one: Its better. New is progress ,old is memories. True just because its old doesnt mean its lame (old cartoons like the flintstones are proof of that) but in MMO games new things are pretty much always better than old things. There’s only ever been one new thing in a game i didnt like and that was when the game closed (LEGO Universe ,ashame that some idiots out there could not expand their minds to enjoy it.) The facts are that new is progress ,moving torwards a bright future. Some people are what they call Pregidous against new things ,that means to despise or hate. I’m not being a snob ,i’m stating facts. This comes strait from the horses mouth ,by that i mean pretty much every person i know. Anyone who hates progress is holding themselves back from a bright future and their ultimate goals. People used to have fantasys of what we have today and when it finally becomes reality a couple dopes have to go “HEHE I HATE IT” and ruin it for a bunch of people. Ashame. A crying shame.

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