Club Penguin Memories 12 Days Of Contests WINNERS!

It’s finally here – the winners for days 4-12! I apologize for taking so long to pick and publish who won. Before I begin I thank all of you for entering and I hope you had fun. Now here’s the winners. I’ll be sending the winners an email with their code shortly!

  • Days 1 – 3: see this post
  • Day 4: Bunnie365
  • Day 5: Kingkong06
  • Day 6: Assnfiks
  • Day 7: 55computer55
  • Day 8: Brookelas
  • Day 9: Xbird
  • Day 10: Luigi755
  • Day 11: Wboys14
  • Day 12: 0 Sawyer 0 (again!!!)

If you’re curious, here’s all the videos of me picking the winners as well as an explanation as to how they were picked. I apologize for the bad filming angles…it can be challenging to film and move a hand around to do whatever.

Day 4: I had 27 entries so I used to pick me a random number. Whatever number I got, I’d take that many entries away from the pile, and whatever entry name number that I pulled away that was the same as the number I was give, that one won. So for example if the website told me 3, the third entry slip I pull from the pile would be the winning one. (I also apologize for typing your name wrong on the slip, Bunnie365 – I don’t always proofread)

Day 5: I picked a random entry slip from the pile.

Day 6: I blew all the entry slips away from me, and then I picked the closest one.

Day 7: I covered my face (to show I wasn’t looking at whichever name I picked) then drew up and down the paper with a pencil. At a random moment I switched direction over a name. The name I was at one.

Day 8: I had two papers with names, totaling 26 entries. I took 26 and used to see which number to divide it by – 1 or 2. It said 2. Since 26/2 is 13, I then added 8 and got 21. Entry #21 on the lists was the winner. If gave me a 1 I’d have done 26 – 8.

Day 9: It was day 9, so I chose the 9th name listed on the paper.

Day 10: I used to give me a number, 1 or 2. (since I had 2 papers) It gave me a 2 so I went to the second paper. 10 names were listed on it so I had give me a number between 1 and 10. It gave me 7.

Day 11: I put all the names in a (tissue) box and took one out.

Day 12: To end it with a bang, I asked everyone on Twitter for a number between 1 and 61, since I had 61 entries. I was given 10 numbers ranging between 1 and 61. I added the 10 numbers up getting 215. I then divided 215 by 10 to get the mean, or the average. It was 21.5 which rounds to 22.

46 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories 12 Days Of Contests WINNERS!

  1. Hey guys!

    To those who didn’t win, don’t worry! Maybe u will win next year!
    I was flabbergasted (I like big words :D) that I won! Most of us didn’t win so don’t worry!


  2. YAY! I won! BUT TO ALL OF YOU THAT DIDN’T WIN: Don’t feel bad! You WILL Win a contest! I have been trying for THREE years to win a CP contest. I try liek 1000 contests! DON’T WORRY! Your time will come!

    ~Brookelas, Day 8 Winner

    PS: You are ALL winners for trying :)

  3. Wow , I was so close to winning the last prize , if the number was 1 lower i would’ve won! Oh well , better luck next time.

  4. Trust me guys, you aren’t losers and you don’t think. If I could afford it I’d have just bought codes to give to EVERYONE – but I don’t make that much.

    However, there will be plenty more contests in 2012. :-)

  5. Congratulation to the winners
    I can’t believe I didn’t win
    I worked so hard on my questions and answers
    I hat being a loser
    I not coming this web anymore
    I never win
    Also stop showing off the people who won
    Bye maybe forever

    • Actually,it was a pretty fun contest! Since like 110 people participated and 12 won so it is fair.Anyway,there will be more contests:-D

  6. Congratulations to the winners!! I didn’t win but there will be more contests and I can try again! Thanks for buying the codes Trainman! Happy New Year for everybody!

  7. yeah the only thing about contest is some ppl say there losers and think there bad. anyway contest still rock! It would have been fun even if i lost!
    thanks for the great contest!

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