Club Penguin Memories 12 Days Of Contests: Day 7

Welcome to day 7 of 12! Before I start, here are the answers to yesterday’s questions:

  1. How many times did Rockhopper visit Club Penguin in 2011? Four – April, July, September, December
  2. How many Puffle Parties had Club Penguin had? Three (2009, 2010, 2011)
  3. Name all the meetable mascots (ones you can meet in game and get a background from – the Penguin Band counts as 1 person) Rookie, Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper, Sensei, Gary, Cadence, and the Penguin Band
  4. Name three different “3000” inventions by Gary, excluding the MP3000. Click here for a full list
  5. True or false: Their are two different Keytar items on Club Penguin (color wise) True – Red & Green
  6. True or false: The (white) MP3000 originally appeared in the Series 3 treasure book False – it was first in the Series 1 Treasure book
  7. True or false: Nonmembers were used to not be able to purchase flag pins from the catalog True
  8. What year did Disney purchase Club Penguin? 2007
  9. What was the original company behind Club Penguin? New Horizon Interactive
  10. What year did Coins For Change start? 2007
  11. What year did Club Penguin change the name from the Christmas Party to the Holiday Party? 2009
  12. True or false: Club Penguin has over 1,000 different items your penguin can wear, excluding pins True
  13. What catalog was added to the gift shop but later discontinued (not the Treasure Book, which was removed at this Holiday Party) Big Wigs Catalog
  14. What year was Cart Surfer released? 2006
  15. What year did Club Penguin have their first Penguin Play Awards? 2009

Now for today’s task – comment with ideas on how else I can have you win these codes – I’m trying to do a variety, but it’s hard! :P Please submit one comment, including your email in the submission. I will then randomly select an entry. Good luck! The winner will receive a code that unlocks the Swashbuckler Coat and two items from the treasure book of your choice.

Remember, the first six winners will be announced later today.

58 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories 12 Days Of Contests: Day 7

  1. For the other days you should make fun things like: 8I have 5 cool ideas)
    1. Find a difference between two pictures
    2. More cool Trivias
    3. Make a Trainman drawing :D
    4. Math Problems LOL
    5. Something about music, for example, a part of a song and we must guess which song is. (It could be songs from Club Penguin)

  2. I commented with “Wigs catalog” does it count as Big Wigs Catalog, because I mentioned it? :)

    Well, you can just randomly give the first one the code who comments your post. Thats just one suggestion.. D:

  3. I think a good idea would be creating your own Christmas Carol as a parody of a different one. Then you could choose one randomly. For example:
    “Jingle Bells,
    Rookie smells,
    Iceberg floated away
    My puffle ate
    And I feel great
    Because I found a pin”

    Or you could ask for 5 fun facts about the Holidays and you could pick one comment randomly. For example:
    Did you know that 2.1 billion Christmas cards are sent per holiday season?

    Or you could ask for a holiday joke.

    Or you could make a crossword that when all words are put together in a certain order, it forms a word. For example:

    aunt arctIc

    The capital letters form the word GIFT.

  4. Whoops! In my previous comment, the words penguin, aunt arctic, puffle and tree are not formatted correctly. They should line up so thay the word “gift” is seen vertically.

  5. I your wondering how to give out the codes. You can mention the winners and you can ask them to give you there email on the comment. The winners give you there email on the comment. You the send them a email with the code saying congratulations you have won this contest you receive a code, here is the code…. That is an idea how you can do it or you can send a private message to them by using Facebook or twitter and ask them their accounts.
    Anyway yeah that is it
    Real Name: Jarrod
    Penguin Name: Dragos54321

  6. I think maybe you should make a video on Club Penguin and then go “What Happens Next?” and we post our ideas. The most creative one gets a code!

  7. ok mabye you could say to make a youtube video advertising you or super hard just hide them some where around the website like on 1 page like 3 or 4 numbers of the code and a little #1 on the the top saying that is the first piece of the code out of like 5 hope i win

  8. I think I got a couple of those wrong, and I forgot Rookie on #3. Anyhow, (man this is hard) You could sort of do something like a ‘unscramble the sentence’. I don’t know, this is hard :P. Those who unscramble get entered? I don’t know. xD

  9. You can hide a code in your site, and we would have to find the code and write it in the comments and then one of us will win a coin code.

  10. How about having the contestants play a game on CP and get a particular score? Then they should take a screenshot and send you the photo in an email.

  11. You can have a scavenger hunt on your website and we try to find the code there or you can hide in a server and tell us which one to go to and we try to find you. That would sound like fun!

  12. I think you should take a bowl and write the names in some pieces of paper and, then put them in the bowl. Put some clear papers, too. Then pick one. Or you can just look at the site and select the one that deserves the gift. :)

  13. Hmmm… how about you have a sort of scavenger hunt.
    U give clues to different places on club penguin and we have to find all the places.
    In the end we leave a comment of what we think the places were.



  14. Send it to the person by email. That way you can get it to the winner safely without anyone getting who isn’t supposed to.

  15. Well how about this: You think of a number between 1-100 and tell the contestants to guess it. The one who guesses it or gets closest to it wins. If you have more people guessing the same number you can just pick the one who wrote it first.

  16. It looks as if I have accidentally sent you two comments (one was the first idea I had, but it didn’t feel good enough, and i somehow managed to push the submit button by mistake). I hope I’m not disqualified :(

  17. SOME IDEAS FOR UPCOMING 12 DAYS OF CONTESTS-You could have a maze or you could have an art contest, like whoever sends you their best drawing of you wins. Or you could have people think of new items CP should make and the best idea wins. You could have a riddle for everyone to solve. This last idea is kind of unusual, but you could have a card jitsu tournament on CP? Although it would be really hard to organize…

  18. I have a contest idea. You could do a crossword puzzle like you did a word search. Reply if you would like a link to website for this idea.

  19. Hello Trainman!
    I think that to improve the site, voc6e have to put a tool to translate your site, including the languages ​​you have on Club Penguin!
    (translated by google translator)

  20. maybe.. you could do a treasure hunt, all over your blog. Basically you put hidden pictures all over your blog,and then put clues as to where the pictures are, then have people comment which pictures the clues are and the person who gets all the pictures right wins, good idea huh ;)

    – Hinchyc

  21. umm please post it now because i have to leave like in 10 minutes and i come back at 8 and take a shower eat and go to bed so i will not have enough time to check the results and can we wait to use the code until after all 12 contests and you won’t use them if we haven’t yet please reply and post the winners

  22. I liked the word search, maybe you can do another one and in my ideas are: – Tweet a specif thing
    -Doing you any sort of graphic and you choose the one you like the most
    -Finding certain object in the site in or Club Penguin
    – Create or use a penguin with a random name, and tell us the name and we have to search you around Club Penguin.

    I ran out of ideas xD

  23. This is a good idea for a quick and easy contest: do a Short Story contest. We have to write a short review (about 50 – 80 words long?) about our favourite part on the Holiday Party 2011.


  24. My idea was, maybe a scavenger hunt on your own site? Maybe you put some images in certain pages with hints on the day of the hunt. Then, we can email/comment you all of the images, and how we found them. There could be 6 or so images to find.

    Email: [removed]

  25. You could have do a “spot the difference” where you get 2 pictures of a room in Club Penguin, probably of one with the holiday party decorations, and change things around and have us guess what/where the changes are.

  26. Maybe you should giveaway the codes to those who came second in those 6 contests or maybe you should do the same questions like giving out pictures and tell where the place it belong or asking questions related to Club Penguin. Hope this helps and hope I won.

  27. Here are some ideas: crossword, hide something on the site, donate the amount you want us to donate and we take a picture and we send or comment the answer to you, take a picture of something club penguin and ask us what it is and that’s really all I got. I think I got some other ideas.
    Real Name: Jarrod
    Penguin Name: Dragons54321

  28. You should hide a picture with a secret word in a random page in your website and give us a clue where to find it , and then we need to comment with the secret word.

  29. I suggest that you give a CP Memories event trivia or maybe a question like for example, ‘Tell me all the rooms in Penguin Chat and Club Penguin’ or ‘Tell me all parties CP ever had including ones that were discontinued.’Hope that helped;-)

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