Club Penguin Memories 12 Days Of Contests: Day 8

Welcome to Day 8! Later today winners 4-6 will be posted. Today will be a bit more challenging than just commenting with an idea. (Thanks for them, by the way!) Simply figure out what page this riddle describes:

“I like to dance! What party did I first show up at?”

Once you figure out the page it belongs to comment on THIS┬ápost, NOT┬áthe page with the link and name of page. Good luck! The winner will receive a Card-Jitsu Code. Don’t forget to include your email when submitting the comment!

I did make a little note on the page it is so you know.

48 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories 12 Days Of Contests: Day 8

  1. By simply figure out what page this riddle describes
    Does that mean what room the riddle describes on club penguin
    If that is it please tell me
    I just don’t understand

  2. Umm I don’t understand how you want us to do this but that is cadence and she first showed up at the waddle On dance a thon, info was found on your tracker page for her.

    • You need to figure out what event the riddle is talking about, find the page for it, and comment on this post with the link. Does that help?

  3. If your meaning by person: Candense
    If your meaning by room: Dance room
    If yiour meaning party on club penguin: Music Jam
    Real Name: Jarrod
    Penguin Name: Dragons54321
    I don’t think this is right.

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