Club Penguin Memories 12 Days Of Contests: Day 11

I asked what you wanted to try to win on day 11, and you decided! Today’s prize is a 1 month membership code. Because it’s Christmas Eve, I thought I’d do a little something special in honor of it – simply leave a comment saying what your family does for Christmas! If you don’t celebrate Christmas, that isn’t a problem – simply say what you do for whatever it is you celebrate, such as Hanukkah. I’m curious to know. Good luck! :)

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  1. My family gathers every year in my city (because most of my cousins live in different cities) and we have a fun dinner on Christmas Eve. First, we eat. Then, everyone starts giving gifts to the person they got it for, and everyone starts opening them. Sometimes we play different games, like contests or stuff like that. We have lots of fun! We are very happy while listening to Christmas music in the background. After that, everyone leaves and we leave milk and cookies for Santa. When went sister and I wake up in the morning, we go and wake up our parents and go down and open gifts!

    Merry Christmas !

  2. Christmas day is very special for my family also to other families. We are just preparing some foods for Christmas cause we don’t have much money to but christmas tree, christmas lights and other decorations. My father is only a driver so he can’t but many things for us but the most important is we are celebrating Christmas together. Thanks for taking a time to read this. Happy Holidays to you.

  3. My family has a common tradition on Christmas… We go to someone’s house (a relative) and give presents to each other. Besides that, someone uses the Santa costume and gives presents to the little children. Then we eat and have fun together…

  4. Well, I celebrate Christmas every year, and I love It. We go to our aunt’s house to celebrate It with all of my family, We give gifts to everyone and We eat a delicious Turkey and also Ham. Also each year an adult of the family must dressed up as Santa is cool. I love christmas and I hope this year will be coolier than last year. :) Merry Christmas Trainman!

  5. I spend christmas eve with my friends playing and having fun and later spending the rest of the day with my family visiting my aunts,uncles, and cousins and eating with the whole family.then a midnight we open some presents and thank our parents for getting us what we wanted.

  6. I don’t celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, I only celebrate new year. On December 31st, I’m gonna meet my friend who lives on Germany, he’s a CP player, too! We are gonna play Holiday music and start a countdown. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERONE!

  7. We will get together with my all family in 31 December. And we will play games, eat meals and watch television. So we enters new year together every year.

  8. Hey trainman!
    I dont celebrate christmas, I celebrate Hanukkah!
    You need to know a little bit of history to know why we celebrate it,but its too long so i wano right it here xD
    We have 8 days of break from school,and each night we light candles on a Hanukia, wich looks something like this:
    after we light the candles we sing a couple of songs,adn then we eat a special treat :) We do this everry night,sometimes alone and sometimes with family or friends! We also recive little presents and its very fun!:D

  9. Today, I go carol to the houses in my neighborhood, my mother does some cakes, my father does the Christmas Tree. He puts on it even candles! And my brother is decorating the house! That’s the perfect Christmas for me!

  10. Christmas in Brazil should be a little different there. All my family will be at my Grandma, we’re working hard to make the food, around 8:00 PM have appetizers, the 10 PM a delicious dinner for the last 12 AM, will have a full meal of desserts and fruits all kinds. In the end we are all united and all that matters, it will be a great Christmas!

  11. Hi Train I Celebrate Christmas, And First On Christmas Eve I Stay At My House And Party With All My Family! Maybe Open 1 present LOL and eat lots of food! Then On Christmas Day, I Wake Up Exited! Open All my Lovely Presents And Go To My Grandmothers House To open More Presents Then I Have Dinner Over Her House Then Go Home! Have A Merry Christmas TRAIN!

  12. My family doesn’t really do anything special for Christmas. We just stay at home, decorate the Christmas tree and enjoy the holidays.

  13. We get all the family together in my grandmother’s house. We have a big dinner and we give gifts to each others. In my country, Fireworks are allowed so we get a lot of fun with them, this Christmas, my whole family spend like 250$ in fireworks! xD

  14. My family is catholic so on Christmas eve we have a big sea food dinner (no meat aloud), the whole family gets together on christmas eve and we talk and catch up, there is usually a lot of laughing at tales of the year and christmas past, then we watch Christmas movies and specials that air on tv, before bed we put out cookies and milk for Santa and as tradition, the oldest in the house or usually the dad reads the bible story of Christmas and the true meaning of the holiday then we read a Christmas Carol and talk about how not to be a Scrooge on Christmas

  15. We dont celebrate Christmas in my family, but it is a party in our country. To keep the party spirit, we meet up with my friends and we spend a Christmas Eve together. We do some fireworks, the we go to the nearest night club to have some fun.

  16. My family will go to church for like 3 hours and then go back home to decorate a little more of the house since we decorate the whole house,go to grandma’s place and gather with relatives,we will bring games and play at grandma’s house and play LEGO,Monopoly,Uno and many fun things at grandma’s house,have festive dinner,celebrate (Like do things together) and stay there for the night.

  17. I celebrate Christmas, and this is my routine:

    A few days before Christmas, my family watches LOTS of Christmas Movies, such as A Christmas Carol, Elf and The Grinch. On Christmas Eve Eve, we go over to my dad’s parents for dinner. Then on Christmas Eve, we go to my Mom’s Parents for dinner. We have a smaller dinner, as it is Italian Tradition to have a poor meal on Christmas Eve. After that, we go to church at around 8:00. We come home at 9:30ish, and shake presents and say our prayers. Then on Christmas Morning, we open our presents, then later on, we have a BIG family dinner with both my Mom and Dad’s Parents and my Dad’s Sister and her husband.


  18. For New Years my parents and our friends get together and we give presents and enjoy food and stay up all night and we only go to sleep at like 4:00 in the morning

  19. well, I wake up, open my stocking. I then open my presents. My family and I take pictures. We have a special family Christmas breakfast, then go to our cousins house. We give and get presents, then we finish and go to our house, hours later. We drink Hot Chocolate, then try out some presents we get. And spend family time.

  20. I’m celebrating Hanukkah with my family , we light a candle on each of the 8 days of Hanukkah and sing special songs , next week we are going to light the final night at my grandmothers house :)

  21. On Christmas Eve we go over to my nana’s house to open 1 present and then eat lunch at McDonald’s, and on Chirtsmas day we go back over to my nana’s house and eat a Holiday lunch. [removed]

  22. WOW! The part I love is when we all wake up run in the living room listening to great old Christmas songs and opening our presents and screaming THANK YOU!! I love it when I get new awesome computers like a newer windows or I might get MAC OS X LION!! I already have windows 7, I really love Windows, too! My other loved part is when we go to my grandmas and really have fun getting all my awesome presents my FAMILY ALWAYS GETS ME THE BEST PRESENTS EVER!!!! :D

  23. On christmas, my grandmother and Uncle Bill come over and we have a breakfast buffet. I get lots of presents on christmas day. This year, i am also seeing my grandfather in New York. This year is going to be way different then last year.

  24. We will eat all together and then watch Fireworks and Open presents Tonight. (In my country we do it like that) Tomorrow we will eat AGANI together and open even more presents. :)

  25. Name: nene8888
    E-mail: [removed]

    Ok for Christmas I turn out the lights in my house all day because energy savings to care for the environment. At night we light one scented candles. At midnight we make a prayer to the manger where Jesus, Joseph and Mary. Then we light fireworks and burn cribs that I do, and that makes my grandmother.

  26. We get up. We go to the tree and open stuff lol. Then we usually go to our Gramma’s for more gifts. Then we enjoy a big Christmas dinner, and it’s goooood. :D Merry Christmas (Eve)!

  27. I celebrate Christmas,On Christmas ever(24th December)night we have a family diner with all members of our family come together and eat very yummy food then me and my sister and brothers go to sleep early because if w did not go to sleep early Santa claus will not visit our home and don’t give a gift and then in excitement we all work up early and open gifts, hope this Christmas i can get a cp toy, then we sing carols and lots more enjoy that day, we visit church too.

  28. Well first we bake cookies, we all like to bake cookies, but this year we don’t bake cookies, we bake brownies, then we have Christmas exchanges! All my cousins and aunts and uncles do christmas exchanges! and lastly we have 12 grapes for 12 christmas gifts and wishes! Well i hope i win!


  29. First of all I just want to say Merry Christmas to you. We’re just pray in Church first then after that we go home and eat some foods. Sadly we haven’t receive any gifts every Christmas. We’re just poor, we can’t afford to buy membership codes, coin codes or card jitsu codes so hope I win. Merry Christmas again.

  30. My family celebrates Christmas with our whole family! We don’t care about all the presents that much we care about being happy and being together!

  31. I do what you normally do. I do the best way. Decorate the house, get food prepared for Christmas, get presents and a bunch of other things. I love Christmas. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Real Name: Jarrod
    Penguin Name: Dragons54321

  32. i thought i would tell you anyway even though this day is over. :D

    Well, first we wake up and open our presents! then we eat cinnoman buns and bacoon. :D after that, we go to our grandparents house!



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