On This Day In Club Penguin History – June 3

On the third of June there was four updates in 2011. There was a new clothing catalogue, a new pin was hidden, a minor update to the login process, and the beta team was updated.

The theme of the new items in the clothing catalogue were themed to music and summer to match the month’s event, the Music Jam. The catalogue contained three new pages. That month’s Penguins at Work was the One Man Band outfit, which, when worn, does a special dance. Three new flag pins were also added to the Penguin Style.

June 2011 Penguin Style

On the other hand, the Red Electric Guitar Pin was hidden at the Hidden Lake. This was the third pin to be hidden in that room and it is Club Penguin’s 164th pin overall.

As for the login process, take a look at the two images below. This is what it was like before the update on June 3, 2011:


This is what is was like after the update on June 3, 2011:


Can you see what’s different? They changed the bottom part of the login screens. They moved, removed, and changed the layout of the buttons.

The final update on this day in 2011 was not in-game, but rather on Club Penguin’s website. Snow Cone was re-added to the Beta Team, however it did not work.


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