Music Jam 2011

The 2011 Music Jam was in June – usually it was in July. The Penguin Band was given a whole new look for the party. Cadence showed up too! This year there was two item booths instead of one. One free item was for nonmembers and there was two for members.

11 thoughts on “Music Jam 2011

  1. i wanna get cadence and penguin band backround bacl round and the cool intrumments that u get thts allll i want plus i have a member so itll be easy for me yay!

  2. Aww darn i missed the music jam 2011 i really want to meet the penguin band but i already met cadence in ultimate jam 2012 but thats ok the music jam 2013 is coming back!!

  3. attention club penguin i am throwing a big concert in music jam 2013 so i hope the music jam comes in july so it will be on the first day of music jam so it will be at sever:abominable time: 6:00pm where:dock so i hope you can make it but no booing allowed i will sing barbie the princess and the popstar here is my songs song1 here i am song2 perfect day song3 look how high we can fly remix so you need to record and uplod on youtube and drummers needed and guitars needed and dancers so after concert party casa fiesta we will have a rocking night so i will see ya there!

  4. Ok i am doing a music jam countdown on the night before music jam :server frostbite :town :time 10:00 -12:00am i hope the music jam starts very early so i will see you there and make sure to record and put it on youtube it’s gonna be a big party the music jam is in june or july leave a reply please

  5. Everyone im gonna have band tryouts on the first day of music jam and 4 girls dancers color dresses is pink and black and black diva glasses with yellow braclets and brown boots and pink hair and pearl necklace so my tryouts will be at the dock it will start at 1:00pm in july reply back ok and my backup singers is 2 you need is diva glasses and red sparkling dress from ruby and the ruby and yellow ponytail ok it will be at server:rainbow ok see you there!

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