Club Penguin 10th Anniversary Party Room Sneak Peeks

As Megg revealed at the end of July, the 10th Anniversary will include different rooms on Club Penguin decorated throughout time from past parties. We voted for the Beach, Pizza Parlour, and Cove. Now, due to leaks, we know what the Dock and Forest are going to be decorated as.

First up we have the Forest. It’s decorated in the style of the 2010 Adventure Party.


The Dock is decorated in the style of the 2007 Camping Party, also known as Camp Penguin.


These are not the finished rooms, obviously. These are the room backgrounds used on mobile so they don’t include all the objects. It will look far more complete once it’s actually released in-game.

I’m really looking forward to the big 10th Anniversary Party! What about you?

Thanks Petros901!

15 thoughts on “Club Penguin 10th Anniversary Party Room Sneak Peeks

  1. Found a bug. If you use the “speak” and “cuddle” tricks with a Puffle, it shows the golden hanger and camera emotes respectively.

  2. I am really excited for the party. I remember the Camp Penguin. Glad they are bringing it back, so new players can experience how Old CP was back in the day. But I just hope they don’t bring rare items. I think they will though.

  3. So excited about this. I actually suggested a party to CP awhile ago where all the rooms would be decorated with old / some of the best parties. I guess they listened to me.

      • awesome idea! Klutzy, Inquisiter, Loki, pirate crabs, Protobot, Destructabot, Test Bots and Darth Vader could team up with Herbert and cage all the mascots and just before they are lowed into lava players have to save them :D (too bad it won’t happen :( )

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