Spikey2007’s Club Penguin HQ Videos, Including An Interview With Ninja

Last month I had briefly mentioned in a post that Club Penguin player Spikey2007 visited the Club Penguin HQ in Kelowna. He filmed his trip and made three videos from it. Part one is a video of the office and parts two and three are of his interview with Ninja.

Interested? Here’s a playlist for all three videos:

Hungry for more? You can find the videos Pup1one made, including an interview with Polo Field, here, here, and here.

16 thoughts on “Spikey2007’s Club Penguin HQ Videos, Including An Interview With Ninja

  1. THERE IS STILL CP MERCHANDISE I knew it I knew it I knew it! they are just being greedy and keeping it for their selves (but its also pretty dumb to keep it for your selves because then not as much ppl know about them and they can’t get many new players)

    • Not any around here.
      Used to be able to find stuffed puffles now and then at Target but nothing for the last year or two.
      Found a book once.
      Can buy some online, but VERY expensive there.

      • same here the only thing u can find here is a video game once in a while but not very often (they used to have toys, key chains, figures, puffles, lots of video games and stuff like that but ever sense 2013 or late 2012 no anymore)

    • what

      They’re not being greedy, it’s hard to put merchandise in stores such as Toys R Us and Walmart. People weren’t buying it anyway. This Toys R Us employee told me only around 5 plushies were bought a month so they got rid of them and replaced it with a Disney infinity section which DOES sell.

      Plus, why make merch for a game which is going downhill? They have some clothing on zazzle anyway, and I find that enough.

      Im expecting a “ok greedy all73 no one asked u for your opinon!” but idc

      • and btw the reason they need merchandise is because then they get their names out there more then just when they have takeovers. and no one has really heard of zazzle btw. oh yes and u do know that just because it didn’t sell in YOUR area it can sell in other areas right?

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