Club Penguin Maze Sneak Peek: The Dock

We’ve already seen sneak peeks of the upcoming maze itself, and now we have an image of that the Dock will look like later this week when it’s released! Spikey2007 was at Club Penguin’s HQ today and he took a sneak peek image:

Very cool! I look forward to the event. Hopefully next time Club Penguin does a better job at keeping it under wraps, though. :P

12 thoughts on “Club Penguin Maze Sneak Peek: The Dock

  1. Well, if folks don’t like the spoilers then they don’t have to look.
    I sort of like them.
    though I do wonder how people find them to show them.

  2. I like and don’t like spoilers at the same time! I like the sneek peeks but they make me more impatient to have it for real!! :P

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