Pup1one’s Interview Video With Polo Field

Club Penguin player Pup1one has made a part two video of his trip to Kelowna to visit the office. In case you haven’t seen part one yet, click here. In his second video Pup1one interviews Polo Field and asks several questions submitted through his blog. The video is just under four minutes in length if you’re interested in seeing what Polo Field had to say.

5 thoughts on “Pup1one’s Interview Video With Polo Field

  1. Lol did u hear what Polo said? He said they were thinking how to make Card Jitsu Shadow in Android and iOS devices before they actually make it in PC -.-

    • Now that is outrageous! PC players are practically being forced into using the iOS and Andriod devices.

      CP is quite laggy on the app anyways. I prefer the PC version :s

    • No i believe he said they where still trying to figure out how to bring Cj and cj Fire and Cj water to Ios and Android First and then after that Cj shadow remember the Team is working on a complete graphical Upgrade of the Cj Games! :)

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